The 'Golfmyth Collection' gives you access to an extensive literary work called "GOLF ... Solving The Complexity Myth (an encyclopedia)". It is an educational exercise comprised of a "Six Book Collection" entailing some 2500 pages with hundreds of 'Pictures and Illustrations' that support the education text. These six books will provide whatever you need and want to know about the 'Golf Swing' and more. There may be some new innovations and worthwhile information from time to time. Such material will be added by ongoing updates to the 'Electronic Version' and by future editions of the actual hard copy. If indeed, you might have further questions or valuable input to this 'Collection Of Books', that is what the website Contact Us tab is for!

The author, Karl Fischer, inspired by the "Game" and fueled by his love of teaching, kept detailed notes and records of his students over several decades. Years of this discipline and much prompting by his teaching staff led Karl to write distilled collaborative summaries of the "Components and Procedures" so the "555 Golf Team" might keep on the same page singing the same song! Teams can and must do that! Thousands of hours of cockpit experience taught Captain Fischer that, at 160 nautical miles per hour on final approach, the ground and "1000 Foot Markers" (touch-down destination) come up at you very quickly. Being informed and prepared is fundamental. Time-tested and proven flight-deck procedures make this seemingly "hair-raising feat of landing a heavy category commercial jet" very simple and very safe indeed! All the nice souls on-board need never worry! They were always in good hands! The "Captain" always gets home safely to his family, horses, pets, fishing and "Golf Holes".

The "Golfmyth Collection of Six Books", although comprised or several thousands of pages and a large number of support pictures and illustrations, is summarized in less than half a dozen or so "Check-Listing or Summary Pages". You will not likely get a "Grip" on the content of these few check-lists for a while, but the easily-read and understood text will get you there sooner than you think! The "Golfmyth Journey" will entertain you! The size of this literary exercise may initially seem like an "Epic Voyage", longer than you might like to be on-board, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how very smoothly it can be navigated! Besides you can disembark at many "Ports Of Call" along the way! There is a "Testimonials" tab that you may find of interest. Hear it from those who have completed or experienced the literary voyage! There is a "FAQs" Tab as well so you can see how the "555 TEAM" responds to good people's questions.

"GOLF ... Solving The Complexity Myth (an encyclopedia)" will enable you to "MASTER THE BASICS" of the game. Once the foundation is laid, the garden is tilled and planted, then "Ye Shall Grow". These are more than just ordinary books! The "Golfmyth" is perhaps the most comprehensive "Golf Literary Exercise In The 400 Year History of the Great Game Of Golf". There is more than enough in them for everyone. A full menu at a big smorgasbord that is open all the time! Our readers have told us that they think it is a treasure with years of pleasure between the twelve hard covers! We know you will agree.

By the way, if you think we might add something to the "Golfmyth Collection", be specific in an "E-Mail" and the "555 TEAM" will absolutely take a look at your desires and get back to you in response to let you know what we feel is the best course.

"So, how am I to navigate this 'Literary Voyage'?" you ask. Your "Table Of Contents" combined with the very detailed "Index" will keep you on course. Take a look! Find your topic. Pull the appropriate book. Open to the correct "Chapter and Section". Enjoy! If you have a very specific topic that interests or bothers you, "Go To Your Friendly Tour Guide Index" and do the alphabetical search. You will likely find anything and everything you want to know. If these two methods in the "Golfmyth Collection" do not get you into a safe port, "Contact Us" by any one of the several very convenient methods. Then just "Come And See Us!" and we will hand pick one of our "Certified Master Teaching Professionals" to work with you until your needs are satisfied, "Guaranteed"!

The "Golfmyth" can be purchased progressively over this "Cyber Space" via your "555 Emporium" (eStore Tab) in a form we have come to call "Chapter Clusters". They are listed and defined on the eStore Page under "Literature". "Join Now!" if you are not a "Locker Room Member". "Membership Has Its Privileges"! You can go right there to take a look! (Items For Sale is the "Member's Hot Link").

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Take a look at the "Testimonials" by people who know both the "Books" and the "555 Golf Academy". This literary work is of tremendous value, especially to all the teachers and it will prove very useful and perhaps even fundamental in your learning the "Great Game of Golf" more thoroughly. We know that the more you know about the "Game" the more you will selfishly get out of it long term. What a deal!

Special Consideration

You are likely to buy one or more of the "Chapter Clusters", the "Electronic or CD Version", to get a taste of the works before you purchase the "Hard Copy". We have considered this real likelihood and feel it is necessary that we make provisions for this reasonable action. Go ahead and "eCommerce" some "Chapter Clusters". Enjoy them! If you like what you read and find it worthy of buying the six actual very high-quality "Encyclopedia Books", we will credit you back a large portion of your "CD" investment (less S&H) against the purchase of the entire hard copy version of the "Golfmyth Collection". "MEMBERS LOG IN" and then simply go to "eStore Page" / "eStore Tab" / "Literature" or just on "Direct To Items For Sale" found on the bottom of either the "Services or eStore Pages". If you are not a "Locker Room Member", clicking this will take you to where you can "Join Now!" and then take a look at the "555 Emporium". It's easy and worth the trip!

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The "Golf Tips", "Fitness Tips," "Bullet-Proof Skill Drills", "eClinics", "eFitness", "Golf Lessons", "Other Literature", "Great Products and Services" and "Special Offers" will satisfy your smallest golf needs. Combine this "eStore" material with the "Services Page", "Services Tab" / "Of Interest" tab materials which include items like "Editorials", "Newsletters", "Question & Answers", "Quotations", "A Little Relief", "Trivia", "Golf Quizzes" and much more, and you will be productively entertained for perhaps months and years. To get to this wealth of free information you must provide very simple information via the home "Golf Tips Box" and then go "Direct To Free Items".

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If you are prompt enough, you may acquire one of the very "Limited Special Collector Editions" with a "Certificate Of Authenticity" signed by the author, Karl M. Fischer. This will add value and prestige to what is assuredly already a '"ollector's Item". There are only "500 Collector Editions" worldwide!