No! I do not mean a ‘Tax Free or Charity Foundation’, but how we can survive making multiple golf strikes and have FUN being good and repetitive at this athletic sporting event. If we can make one great swing, we should be able to make two and many more in comfort and without common soreness or discomfort? (see Soft Tissue Injury – STI)

What is the foundation? Simple question with a simple answer! It is the ‘Pivot Engine’ that rules supreme and upon which our predictable success shall be built. We must learn this first!

Questions are a direct and efficient method of learning and having more ‘Green Grass FUN’.

We all have the occasional ‘Quiet Moment’ in our days when we ponder a golf question. If they were not relevant and important, they would not be floating around in our conscious or subconscious minds.

Ignoring our quest for knowledge is a poor process. Where might we present and address such questions? It is best accomplished via recognized and respected ‘Golf Authorities’. There is a good supply of these professionals world-wide.

The ‘5 Essential Elements’ (1. Clubface Aim, 2. Clubhead Path, 3. Clubhead Speed, 4. Sweet Spot & 5. Angle Of Attack – AOA) are important to our golf success!

Tension is ‘The #1 Killer Of Consistency and Performance’.

‘Tight Muscles’ are ‘Slow Muscles’. Therefore, ‘Tension impairs ‘3. Clubhead Speed’ and thus ‘Distance’.

‘Tension’ also directly affects the conditions of our ‘Clubhead and Clubface’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ … huge factors in predictable ‘Ball Flight’ performance!

555 Golf Academy block vs push

You already know a lot about our ‘5 Set-Ups’ and the companion ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim at the Moment of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack or AOA).

Our Alignment is accomplished with what we refer to as the ‘Railway Track Syndrome’. Our Golf Mechanics, similar to the railways tracks, has two rails … 1) The Target Line Rail (Ball to Far Target) as well as 2) The Body or Foot Line Rail. This is the rail upon which we stand and with which we often ‘Set-Up’ our ‘5 Alignment Axes’ … 1) Ankles, Knees, Hips, Shoulders & Ears). When these are each in proper positional and mechanical balance, we get predictable and pleasing ‘Ball Flight Performance’.

There are some perplexing situations and conditions in this very special occupation, such as ‘Being Afraid, hitting ‘Shanks’, being annoyed by ‘Slices’ with your long sticks, ‘Pulling the Wrong Club’ from your bag, failing to accomplish your ‘Pre Shot Routine’ as so strongly suggested or demanded by your sooth teacher, ‘Arriving Late’ for a precise, published Tour Tee Time, failing to sign your score card … and more!

Of course, you cannot ‘FIX’ any of these in retrospect. As the page of history turns it has been completed! There are ‘No Do Overs’! Perhaps, as an option, we might be satisfied by simply ‘Learning From Our Mistakes’? That is certainly a prudent ‘Slow Fix’!

We teachers can only share knowledge and experience. That gift should enlighten our scribes!

in between clubs

Let us say your ‘#PW Range is 120 to 130 yards’. That means if you strike it ‘Smoothly’ your ball might arguably travel 120 yards. If you go to your ‘Regular’ strike the outcome might be 125 yards and at ‘Firm’ your distance might be 130 yards. Having this ability is a really great asset, but we must earn it! If you need to hit it ‘One Hop Stop’ to 115 yards, you might need a ‘Regular #AW’ (also called a ‘Gap Wedge’).

We must each have a ‘Systematic Ability’ to hit our ‘Approach 5/10/15 Foot Circles’. We must be able to ‘Quadrant The Greens’ so as to enable our ‘Putting Up Hill to the Cup’. Those ‘Down Hill Sliders’ suck!

Over decades of successful teaching and satisfied students, your ‘555 Team’ designed and has promoted and used what we refer to as ‘The 5 Way To Shorten Your Distance’.

555 golf

We are only as happy as our saddest child!

A little priority and perspective that even reaches into our golf game?

Is our golf ‘Journey’ a little philosophical? After all, it has no ‘Destination’ and we never actually complete the life-long travel plan. The next round, no, the very ‘Next Shot’ offers yet more revelation and discovery.

Perhaps ‘Golf’ is a touch ‘Celestial’!

555 swing basics

The Same Old, Same Old provides you rightfully with the Same Old!

Consistency is a true asset and gift if it is based on ‘Reliably Scientific Truths’ that can be repeatedly applied with success!

Do you know what our ‘Impact Fix Concept’ entails? If not feel free to send us an e-mail request for more information about this magical golf facet on the diamond of a game.

good putting drill

The ‘Old Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ is not prone to many new attitudes or directions. He does not believe in many ‘Golf Dildos’… Training Aids. He has believed for over 40 years that golf is played bare-footed and naked on a ‘150 Acre Grassy Billiards Table’ with only a ball and oddly curved stick. Pretty purist? A bit!

When you learned to drive, you had to master ‘Parallel Parking’ … “Oh what a testy and fearful chore” that was! Better to run over an orange or red cone than someone else’s property, but ultimately one had to pass the test in the real world of ‘Curbs and Third Party Vehicles! It was your wheels and tires against the curb! It worked to varying degrees and has survived for eons!

Being a good ‘Parallel Parker’ stems from ‘Work Smart Conditioning’. So too does being a good putter and chipper. Golf too is a real-world functional test that strives towards ‘Small Number’ on a scorecard!

Don't practice bad habits.

There is absolutely no point ‘Practising Bad Habits or Weak Skills’. What a waste of time!

If you make even ‘One Perfect Strike’, your powerful brain remembers that process with intimate details, virtually forever especially if you ‘Set-Up’ properly! (PSR) If you are focused and have a ‘Perfect Practice Makes Permanent Plan’, your rewards will increase manifoldly.

What if you stretch efficiently, pay a visit to the Putting Green’ (Down & Back Drill and a little more) and thereafter go to the Driving Range and execute 6 perfect #8 Irons? Other than a few Chips & Pitches, that is realistically all you have to do before heading to the #1 Teeing Ground.