Pure logic simply applied! What golfer does not feel and know the first 12 inches of his ‘Putting Stroke? Had better! “There Is A Putt In My Driver! I Drive As I Putt!” Makes sense to this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’! (see ‘The 5 Set-Ups & The 5 Essential Elements’ … Are there not Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attack’ in each and every swing, regardless of the preselected tool?) Simplicity always rules where complexity abounds!

How simply and quietly do you take your ‘Putter Head’ away, especially the Grass-Sweeping Sole? I venture to guess ‘VERY’!

How simple is the ‘First 8 to 12 Inches’ in this ‘Sweeping Putter Take Away’? How quiet are your ‘Elbows, Forearms, Wrists and Hand Triangles’? Thus, how stable is this event? ‘VERY’!

All too seldom brilliant and current minds cross our paths somewhat unnoticed, especially by today’s less curious and unread masses? Mr. Will Rogers is surely one of those bright stars that flashed across our intellectual heavens.

He wrote …

  1. “I guess there is nothing that will get your mind off everything like ‘Golf’. I have never been depressed enough to take up the game, but they say you can get so sore at yourself you forget to hate your enemies.”
  2. “Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Sound applicable to your ‘Course Management’? Good if we learn from our experience!

‘Lateral Movement’ is better-known as ‘Sway & Slide’ … sway being to the Brace Side and slide being to the Target Side. Lateral is generally detrimental!

Envision a ‘Plumb Blob’ (Clubhead & String or Shaft) moving back and forth from its Fulcrum or Pivot Point. It touches the ground at the very same place every completed trip or cycle.

‘Lateral Spinal Movement’, in either direction, creates a ‘Net Effective Ball Location’ or BOSA anomaly. We all know fully-well what a too far forward or too far aft Ball Location means … THIN! If we make corrective compensations, (Pivot Alterations such as ‘Forward Inclination’ and increased ‘Knee Flex’) the outcome might become FAT. (see ‘Sit Down Tendency’)

How important is one’s eyesight in the ‘Game Of Golf’? Have you tried to hit golf balls blind-folded? I had a college room-mate who was totally blind. I helped him to learn how to hit solid golf balls and to actually play the game. Suppose I was his ‘Seeing Eye Dog’. We had fun!

Once I taught him ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ and thoroughly explained what ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ were and why the were important, he got independent very quickly. All I had to do was to get him properly measured to the ball (‘Sweet Spot to the Bottom Inside Cheek’) and Archie was soon making reliable contact.

I would explain what club I had pulled and why, followed by establishing the proper ‘Alignment’. His sense of ‘Where The Little White Ball’ was located was soon masterfully reliable and enjoyable. A primary ‘Bullet Proof Skill Drill’ was quite simply ‘Brushing The Grass’ with speed.

‘For Some’ the enemy of happiness is their JOB! To be happy in Golf demands some tolerance for struggle, for application and for accomplishment.

If you were to lose your ‘Golf Happiness’, would you put up a fight to regain ‘IT’?

If you were subsequently to get ‘IT’ back, would you appreciate Golf all-the-more?

Could you make that love a ‘Foursome’ and get a relapsed, chronic ‘Golf Infection’?

Firstly, there are no ‘Hogan Secrets’, just Newtonian Science, dedication to those truths and determination! The sooner we grasp this foundation, and make a fair number of ‘Smart Reps’, the sooner we shall ‘Own A Golf Swing’ … our own golf swing!

Let us clearly define the ‘Three Part Golf Machine’ in order to accomplish a basic understanding. The three parts are 1) The Lower Body Machine (LBM), 2) The Upper Body Machine (UBM) and 3) The Mind Machine (TMM). There shall be controversy over which is the dominant aspect, but that will continue over time! Your ‘555 Team’ thinks our ‘5 Set-Ups’ are and shall remain relevant in any such discussion. (see ‘Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment’)

KEY #1 … The ‘Body Core or Spinal Pivot Engine’ (LBM) is of huge importance. If you can get this aspect right, you are blessed and shall be rewarded. The LBM creates exclusively the ‘Horizontal or Round & Round Motion’. It establishes the ‘Top and Bottom of the Swing Arc’ and much more. (see ‘The Tether Ball Pole Concept’)

How can we stay relatively tuned-in over the winter? Make up your mind to keep ‘Golf Mentally and Physically Active’ in specific ways. Layer up and find a local radiant heated hitting bay. Just go ‘Do IT!’ Always practise with a plan!

Here are 10 suggestions.

  1. Read your twice-weekly ‘555 Golf Newsletter’! It’s FREE!
  2. Do you ‘Slow Motion Drills regularly!
  3. Work on your ‘RPM Drill’,
  4. Feel you specific ‘Golf Swing Sequences’ and remember that feel!
  5. Use your ‘Swing Fan’ three times a week for 100 reps each session,
  6. Get out and ‘Putt & Chip’ every week (30 minutes) … more than once if possible, while using your ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’. (PSR)

All our ‘555 Golf Family’ knows these very basic terms, but do we fully understand them?

‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) is about establishing a precise ‘Top Of Spinal Column’. (see ‘Tether Ball Pole Concept’) The ball and rope do not change length. Neither does the length of our ‘Lever Assemblies’ other than a slight lengthening of our ‘Soft Tissue’ due to Centripetal, Centrifugal or Slinging Force. Therefore, if we ‘Set-Up’ properly, Chin & Chest Tallish, and maintain that ‘Top Of Tether Ball Pole’ (Steady Head) throughout our Back & Up and Down & Out Swings, we should generally accomplish an accurate, Sweet Spot Strike.

The ball consistently sits patiently at the ‘BOSA’. Always extend down, out and through the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC) of the ‘Little White Ball’. If this ‘Top Of Spinal Column’, changes, you shall hit either Fat, Purely or Thin … only three possibilities.

It is absolutely key that you do not ‘Manipulate’ either your Lower Body (LBM) or Upper Body (UBM) Machines’ into this configuration or position. The best manner by which you can accomplish any good golf swing is ‘Naturally’. (see ‘Clubhead Sole Sweeping, Turning & Lifting’)

Think about ‘Club Shaft Swing Plane’. We can get too ‘Upright or Vertical’, just right for our personal physical needs and thirdly we can get too ‘Flat or Horizontal’. If our ‘Pivot Axis is anything other than ‘Just Right’, it will directly affect our ‘Swing Plane’ as well as other ‘Components & Procedures’.

At the ‘Top Of Our Back Swing’ (TOB) we should be ‘On Path & On Plane’. Your ‘555 Team’ often explains how this proper configuration feels by explaining that you might feel like your Brace Thumb is sticking into you Brace Ear. Remember, our ‘Back & Up Swing can absolutely be an ‘Over-Swing’. The ‘Ball Flight’ will directly prove this swing error with a price to pay!

Even when we are simply ‘Walking’ (Ambulating - cool word) we move in the direction that our toes are pointing!

How many really nice folks ‘Set-Up’ with their toes (all of them) pointing directly at the Body or Target lines? Many and even most?

Well, that is the direction that your ‘Golf Body Machine’ will want to generally travel. That is NOT where we want our golf ball to travel! We want it to fly 90 degrees towards the ‘Target Side’. The ‘Square Target Footed Stance’ is counterproductive and physiologically dangerous!