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The Challenging 'False-Hope Syndrome'.

Documented cases of this psychological problem have indicated that the issue might be the result of setting expectations too high. Overconfidence might hinder your ability to succeed. ‘Pie In The Sky’ goals can become obstructionary and counterproductive.

Think about how you practise. Start with the putter and work up from there. Try to set small and more easily measurable goals as your foundation. You will remember that “A Chip Is A Putt With A Hop!” The ‘Pre-Shot Routines’ are very similar! Having more attainable goals helps you feel more likely to improve. (see ‘Micro & Macro’)

Your 555 Team recommends charting goals in a visual written form. Think of your ability as a ‘Success Ladder’. If your goal is holing out short Putts, perhaps picture yourself sinking the ‘Little White Ball’ in a ‘Chipping’ image as well.

There is no reason why one should not strive or intend to hole out ‘Approach Shots’!

Hold yourself accountable by starting small and being positive-minded.

Embrace and grow a ‘Trusting Mentality’!


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