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Firstly, your expectations must be realistic and very results oriented. To precipitate this end, establish a written point-form game plane with a defined timeframe. Monitor your progress.

Do you know that expectations can be negative stress generators? No point in inviting ‘Negative Energy’. You know that a ‘Negative pH’ is heading you into the ditch? The opponent you do not want to meet in the battle ring or stage is yourself!

Break your expectations into easily-managed ‘Time Task Units’.

Strive deliberately to be ‘Open-Minded’ and resilient. Golf is just one procedure at a time! Fresh and fair opportunities abound! Truly a golf wonder? Do you agree?

Trust in your gameplan! We wish you well in that endeavour.

When your chemistry is positive, you shall reap a rewarding crop of predictable golf growth.

Well done thou good and faithful servant!

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