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Proper Set-Up – A Chip Is A Putt With A Hop

Ensuring your Set-Up is correct and consistent is ‘Job #1’. The winner’s opportunity! Once your Set-Up positions or criteria are established, you can focus on the quality of the procedure and actual ‘Swing Energy’. (see ‘Body Clocking’) Putting and Chipping are both ‘Stage One’ … No Wrist Cock or Pivot … very ‘Quiet Triangles’ and passive ‘Lever Assemblies’. You can execute these two procedures with ‘Irons, Fairway Metals and Hybrids’. The latter two implements, due to their deep flat, trim tab soles, tend to slide, glide and pinch through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. This is a powerful weapon procedural asset that provides predictability and consistency!

When setting up for a ‘Stage One Procedure’, we do not require ‘Wrist Cock or Pivot’. These are the ‘Power Generating Elements’ that provide impact and ‘Energy Transfer’. ‘Stance Control’ is a key ingredient. Using our narrow-ish ‘Putting Stance’ (12 to 18 inches) is an effective way to reduce ‘Delivered Energy’. (see ‘5 Ways To Shorten Your Distance’) Pay attention to your ‘Weight Distribution’. Understanding ‘Weight Shifting’ (‘Transitioning’) in the Down & Out or Front Swing slightly to ‘Target Foot or Forward Loading’ is a big advantage. It sets up a blended ‘Descending Path, Plane & Impact’. Pure contact is not an option, although it is elusive at times!

Gripping down slightly on the golf club handle gains more control and reduces energy and Clubhead Speed. Remember, this adjustment will move you a little closer to the ball.

Ball Location is important. Slightly aft of your ‘Sternal Center’ is a good place to start. To become a fulfilled golfer, one must be repetitive and thus repeat fantastic shots on demand.

‘Body Clocking your Back & Up and Down & Out Swings’ accomplishes your ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’ (DOFT - Bend & Straighten’). One must accomplish ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Delivery and Release’. (see ‘ALSDR’ - Power Line Delivery Sequence - Applied Science)

The ‘Target Lever’ and ‘Club Shaft’ should be relatively in line through ‘Impact & Separation’. Control through ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) is a critical element. ‘Ocular Acuity’ matters!


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