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Not magic but pivotal! Just ‘Bread & Butter’ with some honey! It stands to reason that a ‘Proper Set Up’ with all your golf clubs is an ‘Essential Element’ on the road to success. For one to enjoy golf to its fullest, repetitive procedures matter. Might I keep this discussion sensibly simple?

What if we were to ‘Set-Up’ all our golf strikes, regardless of which club we are using, (Putter To Driver) using the same basic technique and sequence with small variations as required for precise mechanics or execution due to club length? All golf strikes are well-served establishing and maintaining a precise ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA). Worthy of mention … our general, one-handed Target lateral location ‘BOSA’ is directly under the Target Shoulder Socket. The central location is ‘Sternum or Spinal Column or Axis’. ‘Mid Collar Bone’ commonly efficient.

Never establish your ‘BOSA’ “Single-Handedly” … with the golf club in one hand. You need to establish your ‘Lever Assembly Triangles’ (Wrist, Elbow, Elbow & Wrist) for the simple reason that you strike with two hands. Remember, your ‘Target or Swing Lever’ has three tasks … 1) Clubhead Control, 2) BOSA and 3) Creating the #4 Pressure Point - Pressure of the ‘Target Chest against the Target Lever Biceps’. Your ‘Brace or Hit Lever Assembly’ delivers the ‘Hit’! (see ‘Bend & Straighten’) Follow through this conversation with your Driver in hand. You are well-served having your ‘Target & Brace Wrist Hinge Pins and Shoulders’ relatively level at Impact Fix. ‘Level Alignment Axes’ make ‘Set-Up’ easier to establish repeatedly.

Stance and Alignment matter! When timely, ‘Spinal Pivot In Position’, extending your ‘Lever Triangles’, step into the ball with your ‘Brace Big Toe’ followed by your Target Foot Target-ward about 1.5 to 2.0 inches. Then, ‘Step Aft with your Brace Shoe’ about 12 inches behind the inside of your Target Shoe. (about 10 inches aft of your golf ball) This will be a great, repeatable reference point for ‘Stance Width and Ball Location’.

Remember our 5 Essential Elements … Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot (Center Of Mass - COM) and Angle Of Attack. (AoA). Employ a dedicated ‘Intermediate Target’ 15 Inches in front of the ‘Ball Location’. (see ‘Swing Gate’) This establishes a predictable BOSA and through-ness ‘Ascending Impact’ with the Putter and Driver. (see ‘Reduced Ideal Underspin’)


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