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We dedicated, current and proficient pilots often accomplish flight tasks “Habitually” by using the ‘Flight Deck Autopilot’. The process includes defining needs and selecting tasking. Turn the knobs. Then press the appropriate buttons! Our autopilot is like a spare flight crew … highly beneficial to reduced workload in the real world!

In an alternative parlance, we need to learn how to get or make golf procedures ‘Subconscious - Habit’ rather like a ‘Human Auto-Pilot’. Good conditioning (training) definitely means reduced stress and minimized fear! Good performance attributes when sitting in the left seat or swinging a golf club right or left-handed are within your grasp so reach out!

If we can understand ‘The 5 Set-Ups and Mastering Golf Basics’, we will be able to make sound golf strikes. With proper preparation and conditioning, if we can make one great swing and golf shot, we can make them repeatedly! How about some great drives ‘On Demand’? You up for that? Your ‘555 Golf Team’, as we have done for thousands of clients over decades, can show you the light and the way! Simplicity rules! “I Drive As I Putt!” is realistic and sincere! A drive is really a very extended putt. You will soon get this human truth!

What is the secret to solid rewarding golf? Learning the skills and then conditioning oneself to make a specific procedure happen on demand and in comfort! One must develop trust on course.

Assess your situation. Visualize the golf ball flying directly to the target under control. Rehearse the appropriate mechanics. (see ‘Pivot Waggle’) Pull the trigger and paint your ‘Mental Image’ on that 150 acre green grass canvas. ‘Process Golf’ is that simple! Avoid ‘Outcome Golf’ as it generates ‘Fear and Stress’!

Enjoy the performance you have earned and can improve!

Solid shots and low scores are called ‘Pay-Back’!

The 555 Golf Academy provides world-class training proven to provide immediate, dramatic, and lasting results. Join the Locker Room and get access to over 1200 professional golfing articles and videos - only $8.33 per month.