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A good place to begin this short discussion is to use a dictionary or Roget’s Thesaurus. The opposite to ‘Release’, to stay with the flavour, is perhaps to ‘Hold On’ or ‘Retain’. To accomplish a ‘Golf Swing Release’ one must avoid ‘Tension’. Tightness virtually anywhere in the ‘Golf Body and Mind’ will preclude or oppose ‘Release’. Skipping rocks demands ‘Release’.

How does one ‘Master Making An Efficient and dependable Golf Swing Release?’ For many golfers, the swing release is envisioned as difficult or marginally beyond the limit of accomplishment … just out of reach perhaps? Well, so too was making simple ‘Impact and Compression’ not too long ago! Be efficient and resolute! Understand and execute! “Exhale!”

As simple as this will sound, one cannot undertake ‘Release’ without and until one accomplishes ‘Loading’! (see ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ … Power Line Delivery Sequence) We have to accomplish the storing of ‘Potential Energy’ before we can benefit from the ‘Release Of Kinetic Energy’. This savvy experienced teacher and player seeks to feel that he is throwing the ‘Clubhead Mass, Down & Out, through the ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) which occurs just past the ‘South Pole of the Ball’. Where is your divot taken? Just in front of the ball … on the ‘Target Side’ after the ball has departed. Proper release really benefits from a proper ‘Set-Up’. (see ‘Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment)

To achieve BOSA one must learn how to ‘Let The Loaded Components Un-Load’. Again, that is to convert ‘Potential Energy into ‘Kinetic Energy’. A good methodology is to set-up Chin & Chest Tallish, Arms (levers) Longish and then to swing for the bottom and through, not ‘AT’. (see ‘Through The 555 Golf Red Dot’ … Inside Out Path) Swing release is important to maintaining consistency in ‘Impact & Separation’. (see ‘Compression & Line Of Compression’)

Hackers and many amateur golfers tend to rolling their wrists and forearms through this ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. Quiet Lever Triangles are very much a benefit. The ‘Flip-Handed Movement’ is often quite contrary to one’s best interest! Any swing instability is to be avoided.

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