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Mr. Norman deliberately left an 8 to 12 inch gap between the ‘Ballistic Point Of His Ball’ (Bottom Inside Cheek - BIC - Red Dot) and the ‘Sweet Spot’. It enabled a big flat sweep and minimal ‘PUITA’ (Pick Up Inside Take-Away) This invited a big, consistent, controlled and functional, ‘Swing Circle’.

This already extensory gap prevented an acerbated and looping ‘Outside Take Away’. (see ‘Path & Plane Issues’) It accentuates the ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA - Big Swing Circle and Extension). There is a lot of ‘Mechanical Advantage’ in these physiologies or configurations!

With this gap, the Brace Shoulder is already into the abbreviated ‘Back & Up Load, Coil, Turn’ … (see ALSDR - Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’). It creates increased ‘Triceps, Brace Lever Extensor Action’ (BLEA) as well as some referred or cooperative ‘Knee Flex’.

This 8 to 12 inch gap eliminates about a foot of the ‘Back & Up Swing’ leading to more compact control and less ‘Range Of Motion’ error … less parts that move farther!

‘Greater Stance Width’ creates a lot more lateral ‘Lead & Lag’ as well as better ‘Target Line Orientation’. Moe Norman was sometimes known as ‘Mr. Lateral’. He was very ‘Stance Stable’. He had no ‘Hula or Dance’ move in his trained feet. Stay Seated Longer Through Your Shot! Avoid standing up! (see Knee Flexation and no Extension. When you straighten your Target Knee, you are aft-tilting during your Down & Out Swing … falling backwards and losing balance) No ‘Ocular or Physical bail-outs! Remember, your golf performance is comprised of ‘Consistency In Battle’. (Reverse Transference - No Target Posting)

The Brace Elbow is key from the ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB). Learn to establish a ‘Newtonian Gravitational Drop’. This will invite being slightly ‘Laid Off or Shallowed Out’ and improves your ‘Swing Path & Plane’. It also accentuates ‘Lower Body Machine (LBM) Horizontal Drive and Pivot or Core Pressure’. Of ‘The 5 Skeletal Axes’, your ‘Shoulders are the most influential!

Don’t hit AT the ball but swing THROUGH the ball! AT-it produces ‘Tension’! Strive to generally accomplish the same ‘Angle Of Attack’ every group of golf clubs! Don’t forget to use your ‘Ocular Acuity’ and ‘Pulmonary Pressure Control’ during the ‘Back & Up and Down & Out Swing’. This is primary athleticism demanded by ‘The Great Game’!

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