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Our ‘555 Team’ (that is YOU) knows what ‘Impact Fix’ is! This is the Pre-Shot Routine that simulates ‘Impact Component Positions’ but in a static form … not in motion! Getting all the ‘Impact Components’ in proper position. ‘Time For A Feel’! Stand up and establish ‘Impact Fix’! Try The Door Jamb Drill’. Place the leading edge of your #8 Iron against the base of a door jamb. Using you ‘LBM’, sweep – push Horizontal Pressure. Feel the Press, Press, Press.

When you have accomplished this very useful physicality, notice that your Brace Hand, Brace Medial Head Of The Femur and the Inside Of Your Brace Foot are each ‘Forward Pressed’ towards the ‘Target’. (see ‘Activated and Engaged’)

Importantly, when we are simply preparing to take a step slightly uphill, ‘Brace Foot Push’ is essential. The Back or Brace Foot provides the ‘Thrust’ while the Target Foot catches the entire forward-moving machine.

Remember to ‘Flair Your Target Foot at least 45 degrees to accommodate a fully loaded or coiled golf strike. Golf’s Stage Three is ‘THRUST’ ‘From The Ground Up’ and ‘From The Inside Out’. Feel this reality!

If your hands are ‘In Motion’ you must be ‘Breathing Out’! (see ‘Pulmonary Authority’)

‘Ocular Acuity’ never goes out of style! The bridge (Captain Eyes) guides the ship!

‘Simplicity Overcomes Complexity’!

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