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What ‘Two Heads’? Certainly, the one atop of our shoulders and neck! Good, respectful thoughts emanating from a ‘Steady Head #1’ are not optional, but mandatory. This first cranial reality is an ‘Essential Element’.

The ‘Head’ (controlled by ‘Ocular Acuity’) is the ‘Top of the Pivot Engine’. ‘Orbital Sweet-Spot Stability’ comes from this known place! Our Golf success and happiness stems from this ‘Steady Headedness’.

Think of our ‘555 Team’ mantra! “Chin & Chest Tallish”. One is well-served by creating space or clearance between the ‘Hips and Sternum’ … room around which the ‘Horizontal Core Spinal Engine Axis’ works!

The other head is ‘Clubhead Control’. You will recall that our ‘Target Lever Grip’ controls the ‘Clubface Aim at the Moment Of Separation’. (see ‘The 9 Wrist Hinge Conditions’) You shall also have a solid grasp on the fact that ‘This Target Lever Assembly’ (combined with the ‘Lower Body Machine Core’ - LBM) establishes your ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA). Be acutely aware of ‘Fat & Thin’. It is one of the game’s primary sources of terminal pain and frustration.

‘Fat & Thin’ are purely loss of ‘Lower Body [LBM] and Upper Body [UBM] precision cooperative functionality. We can only master these segments after we understand them! One must earn success! It is no accident! You know that the Front Swing happens ‘From The Ground Up & From The Inside Out’?


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