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Similar to Press, Press, Press

The foundation of this ‘Applied Linear and Orbital Pressure’, the starting point or ignition, is our signature ‘Impact Fix’. (simulated Pressure & Work – Components & Procedures) Our ‘555 SET UPS’ enable both Round & Round (Horizonal) as well as Up & Down. (Vertical)

The ‘First Press’ of this Press, Press, Press is accomplished by our ‘Brace Hand’. We get it ready to go to work very early into our ‘Total Process’. (again … Impact Fix) The ‘Second Press’ is target-ward pressure accomplished at the ‘Medial Head Of The Brace Femur’. This is ‘The Base Of The Pivot’. The Target Femur is not the ‘Power Base’!

Finally, the ‘Third Press’ is distinct pressure applied to ‘Mother Nature’s Mass or Resistance’ (the big green ball). This pressure or ‘Down and Around Force’ is applied at the ‘Inside Of our Brace Shoe’. You will grasp that we cannot even walk unless we apply this ‘Brace Foot Pressure’. Walking uphill demands that the back (Brace Foot) provides ‘Thrust’. We catch the pushing and resulting ‘Falling Action’ with our ‘Target or Front Foot’.

Let us deal with ‘PUSH, PUSH’. We ‘Set-Up’ and execute ‘Clubhead Path’ with every ‘Golfing Procedure’ … ‘Putting to Driving’. The opposite to ‘Pulling’ is ‘Pushing’. Think of the logical reality of a ‘Two-Wheel, Rear Wheel Drive Pick-Up Truck’!

It is a very common problem to ‘Cast & Pull’ golf shots. See if this makes sense? The opposite to ‘Pull’ is ‘Push’. Make sure that your ‘Clubface Aim’ is fastidious! (#1 Alignment in Golf)

Strive to feel like you are ‘Pushing’ especially ‘Stage Three’ strikes with the ‘Big Sticks’. If you tend to ‘Pull’ your ‘Flat Sticks, check your ‘Alignment’ and perhaps add a little deliberate ‘Push Delivery’ to your ‘Stage One Putting & Chipping’. You shall be rewarded! Do you remember our ‘Steer So You Can Clear’ slogan. Point your Target Elbow slightly ‘Open’ or ‘Down The Line’. (DTL) Swing the ‘Sweet Spot Down The Line’ while ‘Breathing Out’. This process rule applies to all procedures!

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