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The first point this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ would like to make is the fact that our ‘Top Of Back Swing Velocity’ is factually “ZERO” … ‘Dead Stopped’ … ‘Putting To Driving’!

How does excessive acceleration during the ‘Sweep Back & Up Interval’ contribute to “ZERO”?

Does more ‘Pace or Velocity’ contribute to ‘Tempo, Timing, Rhythm and Cadence’ or more physical golf-swing structure? If you step on the throttle, will this evolve into an improved ‘Clubhead Path & Plane’? One will or can certainly accomplish more ‘Clubhead Speed’ but what does the ‘Terminal Velocity At The Top Of Back & Up Speed’ have to do with pure acceleration in the ‘Take-Away, Sweep, Turn & Lift’ journey?

One could argue that ‘Clubhead and Lever Assembly Velocity’ to TOB loads the ‘Body Machine Rubber Bands’ by running into the entire core and levers causing a positive ‘Collision or Stopping’ at Swing Sequence #5 (TOB). Thus, the limit of the ‘TOB’ could possibly become extended to a higher TOB. ‘Muscular Elasticity’ is a form of storing ‘Potential Energy’, but at what price? If we do not manage to apply perfectly balanced ‘Muscular Tension’ when the physical train runs into the ‘TOB’, what mechanical degradation might we suffer?

There is exposure to athletic risk (Soft Tissue Injury - STI) in this ‘Dragster Take-Away’! Too much torque or collision shall tend to throw one off ‘Pivot Balance’ and alter ‘Clubhead Orbit’! Your imagination and experience can handle and embrace this mental physical variability!

One certainly does not want to be ultra-slow as this could affect balance, but “Zero Velocity” in our ‘Transition’ is still factually “ZERO”. You want no brakes or ‘Negative Torque’ at TOB!

In reality, too much of any ‘Component or Element’ is still simply ‘Too Much’!

Golf appreciates balance!


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