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Which is it or is it either?

A really talented baseball player suffers no ill effects from attempting to apply a good whack to the backside of a generously-dimpled golf ball. We have invested a great deal of time and video frames to the study of these questions and notions. The two tools (bat and club) are quite similar in form and performance. The bat has a round face. The golf club is substantially flat!

How simple can we make this “Which is it?” discussion? Quite simple!

A solid baseball strike, ‘Bunt to Home Run’, involves precisely the same componentry, human or mechanical, with very similar procedures … ‘Those How Tos’.

A hot shot over shortstop into medium centerfield involves very similar mechanics than a hard hit ‘Golf Punch Basic Procedure’. Believe it or not, both require relatively ‘Quiet Hand, Wrist and forearm Triangles’. If you get too ‘Flippy-Handed’ you are not going to like the outcome.

Let’s try to keep this comparison very simple. The ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM) usually has a bit of variation to the purely ‘Plumb Theme’. The ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM) baseball strike of the ‘Lever Assemblies, is relatively ‘Horizontal or Level’ in form. Minor variations cause change in trajectory and ball flight curvature.

The baseball strike is primarily ‘Level’ in its ‘Lever Assemblies’ and bat core. The Golf strike is primarily ‘Forward Inclined or Tilted’ in its mechanics. (sole on the ground) The configuration of the ‘Clubface Aim’ is variable in ‘Length and Loft’ as well as ‘Lie Angle’. There is more physics and science involved in the ‘Golf Tool’ than in a baseball bat.

A very good baseball batter can quickly excel in ripping golf balls! Knowledge is power! To feel the similarity, do slow-motion baseball and golf swings and simulated strikes.


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