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We have been shooting loads of ‘Motion Videos’ for between four and five decades. My father and I (in his bold tracks) were hungry 16 MM professionals who had a substantial development and testing photographic studio in the basement of our spacious 3 story with full basement home. I wanted to evaluate the golf swing from all perspectives … Down The Line, Up The Line, Body On, Back To Front and From The Top Down. As you have heard me explain, this was an amazing and revealing experience. It enabled us to get ‘Mechanically Logical and Motion Efficient’. We were pioneers in this activity. Down the road, I became a key Golf Specific Videographer for name-brand golf school operators. We operated, with ‘State Of The Art’ equipment. We thoroughly, often evaluated more than twelve clients per day.

From the dominant ‘Down The Line’ (DTL) perspective, we fastidiously deduced ‘Shaft and Swing Plane’. It was easy to see swing mechanics that were above and below this ‘Standard and Neutral Plane’. It became fashionable to refer to and become fixated on aspects such as ‘Laying Off and Shallowing Out’ … not always useful, productive or scientifically accurate!

We teachers, instructing brethren, tended to cycle our preferences. Some preferred higher hands and hyper-elevated ‘Swing Planes at Top Of Back & Up Swing’. (TOB) It is highly likely that we created our own poison, such as being ‘Above Plane’ or ‘Casting’! When we fell prey, we had to get aggressive in our ‘Fixes’! We were often too late! Alternatives did not always work! The ignoble ‘Frustration Quotient’ took and takes its greedy toll every golfing day. Attrition reduces participation!

Rather than fixing the common ‘Above Plane Issue’ with deliberate ‘Laying Off and Shallowing Out’, why not learn to instill a moderate, clockwise loop in the ‘TOB or Transition Zone’ … make a predictable ‘Down and Under, Gravitational Into the Slot Move’? This creates a very user-friendly ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’ with that highly beneficial ‘BOSA Pushing Feel’ vs. that troublesome ‘Over The Top, Outside-In Pulling Path’. Remember the opposite of ‘Over The Top’ might well be ‘Under The Bottom’!

‘Into The Slot’ really means ‘Into The Body Machine Power Zone’ by joining your Brace Elbow with your Brace Hip or the ‘Pivot Engine, Core or Spinal Crankshaft’. The absolute Source Of The Golf Mississippi River is your ‘Brace Big Toe’. Think Mother Earth’s Anchor Resistance.


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