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Sledge Hammer vs. Finishing Hammer

Not unlike heavier Drivers, Fairway Metals, Hybrids and Irons? Really light golf clubs tend to get ‘Flippy’. Heavier golf clubs create an increased awareness of ‘Clubhead Spatial Location’. For example, at our ‘555 Golf Swing Check Points’ (Swing Sequence #3 [Shaft Horizontal to the ground during The Extended and Sweeping Back & Up Segment], SS #5 [Top Of Back Swing Transition] and SS #7 [Pre Impact] we are more aware of ‘Club Position’ with an increased mass. There is more ‘Work’ being done!

Change in any and all swing direction, ‘Back & Up to Down & Out’, this ‘Transition’, is more apparent with heavy than with a light Clubhead. Your ‘555 Team’ strongly promotes a ‘Pause At The Top Of Every Back Swing’. (TOB) A change in direction involves a ‘Dead Stop’ from the Putter to the Driver. Strive to accomplish this ‘Zero Velocity’ condition with every ‘Club Trip’! Remember to say your magical little “& Word” at TOB. It invites ‘Tempo, Timing, Rhythm, Cadence and Pace’ … very important golf musicality.

Can a heavier putter invite a smoother stroke? It is this teacher’s opinion that, when a golfer switches to a heavier putter, (Mallet vs. Blade) he or she immediately notices the advantage of the added inertia and ‘Mass Stability’. This physical property helps promote pendulum balanced motion and feel. This will provide a significant improvement for golfers struggling with erratic movement or an uneven ‘Yippy or Flippy’ swing tempo and mechanics. It is a ‘Global Affliction’!

The increased head weight reduces handsy, wrist and forearm triangle action during the delicate stroke intervals. This increases fluidity. Adding 70 to 100 grams makes the putter more stable through ‘The Impact and Separation Zone’. One must still hit the precise ‘Sweet Spot or Center Of Mass’! A proper set-up is not optional! This simplicity enables execution. Your ‘555 Golf System’ is world class in this disciplined ability!

It is important not to go too heavy with ‘Head Weight’. When a putter falls into the super-heavy category of adding 100 to 150 grams, one can lose comfort, balance and distance control. A 350 to 410 gram Head Weight is an ideal or workable range. Remember to start every ‘Front Swing Gravitationally’! This helps keep you on Path and Plane as well as getting the direct benefit of ‘Clubface Aim Control’. (see The 8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine - PSR)

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