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Can we ‘Chicken Wing at the Top Of The Back Swing’ ... lose our ‘Extension and Lever Assembly Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Triangles’? (see ‘Quiet Triangles’)

The answer to that question is “YES!” The process is known as ‘The Flying Brace Elbow’.

‘At the Top Of The Front Swing’, we actually call it the ‘Chicken Wing Error’. The dominant physical error is ending up with ‘Bent Primary Articulating Joints … Shoulders, Elbows and Wrist Hinges’. (see ‘The Narrow Swing Circle’ … ‘Loss of Width’)

Another description is that we ‘Lose Our Extensor Action’ or ‘Lever Assembly Length and Radius’. We should have a ‘Straight-ish Target Lever in the ‘Back & Up Segment’ (Swing Sequence #4 and #5). We should also have a ‘Straight-ish Brace Lever at the Top Of The Front Swing. (Swing Sequence #9 and #10 … Chase, Follow & Finish - Width, Control & Speed)

In both the Back & Up and Down & Out Swing Segments, we must strive to ‘Push Our Hands Away from our Sternal and Spinal Core’. (see ‘The Pivot Engine’). Swing the Big Wheel! That is how we make ‘Controlled Clubhead Speed’. (see ‘Stage 1, 2 &3’ … No Wrist Cock & No Pivot, Wrist Cock & No Pivot - Wrist Cock & Pivot) Staging your swing is applied simplicity! Basics make golf more fun!

Keep your thoughts and mechanics simple!

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