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and with ‘Longer Shafted Clubs’

More ‘Brace Shoulder Lag Pressure’, better Shaft and Clubhead Path Plane control are the predictable outcomes.

This produces more ‘Brace Shoulder Duration Control’. You will achieve prolonged ‘Transition’, which is useful. It will help you get our ‘Brace Elbow’ into the ‘Power Slot’. (see Laid-Off and Shallowed Out)

Any of these items tend to directly affect ‘Angle Of Attack’ (AOA) efficient ‘Compression & Line Of Compression’.

You know the problem with an uncooperative Brace Shoulder … ‘Casting, Over The Top, Above Plane, Pulling, too steep and whatever other definition you select.

Better without these pestilent creatures?

Think good thoughts to invite good mechanics!



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