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What is ‘Deep Rough’? Grass that reaches the top of the golf ball or more … certainly 1 to 2 inches.

An absolute key to making this shot is to be very positive and certain about your ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) It is strategic to determine whether there is a lot of grass ‘Under The Ball’. This type of ‘Lie’ demands a strike set that resembles a tall-teed ball. Be careful not to ‘Whiff The Ball’! (see ‘The Chili Dipper’ or ‘Really Fat’)

What is a solid guideline for this procedure? Treat the shot like a ‘Bunker Flop Shot! It will require considerable ‘Delivered Energy’. Determine your regular ‘Energy Load’ and ‘Double It’! “Time For A Feel?” Make the practice swing you think is needed!

Aim for your ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’! Visualize and feel!

Factor in Mother Nature’s Elements … Grain Direction and Length, Slope, Break, etc.

Elements that matter are ‘Ocular Acuity’, ‘Breathing Out’, ‘The Ball Goes Where Your Hands Go’! Keep thinking! There are more!

Again, execute the ‘Deep Rough Shot’ as if it were a ‘Soft Sanded Bunker Shot’. Clubhead Speed matters! Steady Head and Overall Stable Pivot always matters!

Enjoy new procedures!


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