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Focus On The Working End Of The Stick

Your Hands Get To The Ball Before the Clubhead and Sweet Spot. Visualize this fact in slow motion several times during every practice session! ‘Slow Motion Drills’ are some of our bread and butter activities. Think of the value of your ‘Body Clocking Drills’! (distance control) Enormous assets! If you want to be King Of The Approach Game and Short Game, there is but ‘One Way’! … EARN IT by hitting balls precisely!

This ‘Hands Early’ is often referred to as “Forward Press” … bent Brace Knee and bent Brace Lever Assembly’. Focus on the ‘Center Of Clubhead Mass’ at all times. See ‘Ocular Acuity’!

You may struggle with ‘Flippi-Handedness’ like many golfers. Not a positive tendency for any of us anywhere! Makes hitting your precisely-sized ‘Quarter Targets or 5 Foot Circles. Hurts your Putter statistics and pride.

As you know, Golf appreciates relatively ‘Quiet Triangle’ in the ‘Elbows to Hands’. Your Wrist-Hinges can easily become ‘Hyper-Handed’. Scores will go up unavoidably!

The number One Alignment in The Game Of Golf is ‘Clubface At The Moment Of Separation’.

Keep this powerful thought and truth in mind … EVERY GOLF STRIKE.

Have Fun often!


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