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Crystal clear thinking supported by real knowledge produces logical answers to valid golf questions! Our ‘555 Progressive Golf System’ is the key that opens the ‘Big Green Door’ for you!

‘Progressive Golf’ is simple! We start from the small and expand that ‘Micro Skill’ to bigger and bigger ‘Macro’ stroke procedures or patterns. We grow from ‘Putting, to Chipping to Bump & Run, to Knock Down Shots, to abbreviated Punch Basics, to Pitch, to Full Swing and finally to taking advantage of our Driver’ (The Big Stick and The Big Rip).

We have ‘555 Golf Tools’ with which to accomplish this magically real and simple range of performance. This is about ‘Energy Management’. Here is a helpful clue how we create ‘Impact & Separation Reality’. It is powerfully about our ‘Body Clocking System’. Bigger swings (Range Of Motion) accomplishes ‘Controlled Clubhead Speeds’. More ‘C/HS’ creates more ‘Distance’. A ‘Full Wedge Shot’ (for you) might be taking the Brace Hand Back & Up, sweeping from ‘Impact Fix’, Turn & Lift, to your Brace Shoulder or to your Brace Ear. This is a ‘Stage 3 Full Swing’ involving ‘Upper Body Machine Wrist Cock and ‘Lower Body Machine Pivot’. (see ‘Load Coil’)(see ‘The Power Line Delivery Sequence’ – Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ … ALSDR) Swing Sequence #5 is your Top Of Back Swing. SS #6 is Target Lever Horizontal to the Ground. We refer these to ‘Swing Limit Stations’ or ‘Body Clocking. Pretty simple procedural skill-set? Our ‘Body Clocking’ is ‘Kinetic Energy Control’.

How important is a precise ‘Approach and Short Game’? Polish these skills and your ‘Putting’ will shine as well … under 30 putts per round produces smiles! (see 5/10/15 Foot Landing Circles)

Think wedge! Our Full Body Clocking #PW is Brace Hand to the Brace Shoulder’. It may propel a golf ball 100 to 130 yards. Simplicity reigns supreme! Half of that ‘Body Clock’ may be a ‘Back & Up or Turn & Lift Motion to your ‘Brace Hip’. In this procedure, one accomplishes a ‘Back & Up Swing that accomplishes the ‘Shaft becoming ‘Parallel To The Ground’.

How easy and simple is this ‘Front Swing Down & Out Sequence #7’ which we appropriately refer to as our ‘Pre-Impact Position’?

What is a ‘Half A Wedge Shot’? It is a ‘Stage 3 mechanical accomplishment that logically produces 50 to 65 yards ‘Carry Distance’ known as ‘Half A Wedge Shot’. (see ‘Stroke Length Control’) Remember your little control “& Word”.

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