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Our ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM - creates all the Round & Round) actions are similar to the Carousel or Merry Go Round Carnival Horse Ride. It is all ‘Horizontal Motion’ around a ‘Vertical Pivot Axis or Drive Shaft’. We have all been there and done that … Fun times!

In simplicity, right-handed golfers unload their ‘LBM Pivot Engine’ in a clockwise direction around the Brace Foot, Brace Shoulder and Brace Hip’. One could argue that there is no counter- clockwise and that it was all Carousel or Merry Go Round. This position has scientific merit!

Our ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM - Lever Assemblies) create all the Up & Down. It is all ‘Vertical Motion’ around a ‘Horizontal Pivot Axis’ similar to the ‘Carnival Ferris Wheel’.

If we combine or segment these two major ‘Carnival Rides’, we accomplish what we have come to know as the ‘Tilt-O-Whirl’. Its range of motion does not get to the ‘Top of Back Swing’ or go ‘Over The Top’. It more rocks back and forth on a specific inclined plane. More fun times!

Let this writer teacher see if he can turn on a productive ‘Better Idea Light’?

The demonic and pestilent, ‘Over The Top, Casting Motion’ (that so tends to the Pulling motion) is actually ‘Counter-Clockwise’ from the Top Half Of The Swing Circle, for the right-handed golfer. It travels horizontally toward the ‘Target Line’. (see ‘Outside-In Path’ vs. ‘Inside-Out’)

When you “Sweep. Turn & Lift” in your normal “Back & Up Swing”, tend to make a small, dropping, right-handed loop at TOB. This will tend to get you on an ‘Inside-Out Pushing Path’ rather than the ‘Outside-In Pulling Cast’.

Time for a slow-motion feel!

‘Keep It Stupid Simple!’


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