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This author teacher was very competitive in swimming and tennis. We were trained to make our ‘Back Swings or Load Strokes’ follow the shortest route from A To B. (see ‘ALSDR - Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’) The wider the arc or greater the curvature, the longer the distance the ‘Sweet Spot’ must travel in the front swing or ‘Power Stroke’. Of course, this means more ‘Time & Distance to accelerate. The quicker we could get into the ‘Power Stroke’ and stay in it, the better. (see ‘The Big Pull’ in swimming) Pretty logical?

In golf we tend to promote depth and width in the back swing and reciprocally creating the big circle in the ‘Down & Out or Front Swing’ and ‘Club Head Distance’. (see ‘Deep, Flat & Wide’)

The more directly we could get to the Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB), less energy we would use. Also, the less room we might have to create ‘Swing Errors’. (see ‘Clubhead Path and Swing Plane’) ‘Golf’s chronic ‘Casting Move’ is an opportunity to fall prey to ‘Ball Flight Errors’, especially the ‘Pull & Cut’.

If one can allow or enable the ‘Brace Hand Travel Path’ to traverse Back & Up, relatively close to the ‘Pivot Engine or Core’ (more narrow than wide) and enable Gravity to Drop The Hands towards the ‘Outside Brace Heel’, getting into ‘The Power Slot’ become less of a problematic challenge. From the TOB one wants the Brace Elbow to travel rather directly down and towards the Brace Hip. (‘The Pivot Core’) The Golf Swing has individual preferences.

If you can accomplish the ‘Bend & Straighten Slow Motion Drill’, you will know the ‘Power Slot Feeling’ of the ‘Bull Whipping Action’! (see ‘Angular Momentum & Velocity’)

With this (‘From The Slot’) ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’, one gets the mechanically open ‘Push and Punch Shot’. We intelligently, effectively and powerfully counter the ‘Pull Shot’.


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