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Our global family all know our universally pertinent ‘5 Set-Ups’ … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location and Alignment. Our ‘Article Title or Subject’ is covered by the first of the five above … POSTURE.

To be athletically dynamic we must have an efficient ‘Set-Up’.

That boldly includes creating rotational space or clearance between the Hip Sockets and the Sternum or Chin and Chest. If one overly bends the ‘Spinal Crankshaft’, it will not work freely! If one has a rounded Spinal Column, the rotational element or capability shall be compromised.

Do your own test! Set up a rounded Spinal Column and rotate your ‘Shoulder Axis’ back and forth from Brace to Target to Brace. You will boldly feel the ‘Horizontally Round & Round’ motion. ‘Restriction Impairs Freedom’ and ultimately the ‘Spinal Core Velocity and condition’. We know that our ‘Lever Assemblies’ are suspended or supported by the ‘Shoulders’ which are two of the ‘13 Primary Articulating Joints’. (PAJ)

Knowing this, we are also aware of ‘Clubhead Path and Shaft Swing Plane’. (see ‘Moment Of Inertia or Orbit’) If these elements are disrupted, our mechanical efficiency is also compromised.

Precisely-controlled Clubface Aim, Clubhead Speed, Ball Speed and Smash Factor are degraded.

Does standing efficiently tall benefit our ball striking goals?



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