Your Putting & Chipping Back & Up Swing Gone?

Just a pregnant ‘KISS’ (Keep It Stupid Simple) golf thought for YOU!

What if we were to start our ‘Putting Head Journey’ (Clubhead Travel) from a ‘Pre-Determined Top Of Back & Up Swing’ (TOB) and not from the traditional just aft of the ‘Ball Location’? That would essentially eliminate our ‘Back & Up Swing’ … no ‘Transition’ as in our ‘Full Swing’.

Our ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ would determine a Pre-Selected TOB. If we had a 21 foot straight and flat Putt, (Stimp 3 - divided by 3), our stroke length would be 7 inches. Not our ‘Universal Stroke Length’ using the ‘10 Inch Platform’ and starting from just ‘Sternally Behind The Ball’. We already go to our “&” TOB Point and start headed in the right direction … no direction change!

Put another way! What if we just went to our “&” TOB Point and started there ‘From Zero … dead stopped with a little Newtonian Gravity to give us a ‘Kick Start or Little Boost’? This is functional all the way out to our ‘19 Inch OSL’. (Optimal Stroke Length and beyond to Abbreviated Body Clocking).

Then a ‘Newtonian Gravitational Dropping Action’ would initialize the ‘Front Swing’ … On Path and On Plane with a known amount of ‘Dynamic Energy’. We would eliminate the ‘TOB Direction Change’, during which we could get a little ‘Off Course’ or problematically manipulated.

Works for ‘Body Clocking’? What is our ‘Ball Velocity at TOB?’ Not a ‘Rocket Science question! Kissing has no Yips! No Manipulation! No Direction Change Struggles!

‘By The Way’, Newton should also start your Driver Dropping Front Swing … On Path and On Plane … under precise control. The initial ‘Sweet Spot Target’ should actually be directly dropping to the outside of your Brace Heel. This creates the ideal ‘Inside-Out Path’ and more.

How might one accomplish this ‘Front Swing’ with control simplicity and ‘Chase Follow Finish’ to the ‘15 Inch Intermediate Target’? Is simple better than complex? We have to be aware of still being smooth?

Novel enough for YOU?