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Now what in the heck does that mean? “Take Three Short-Stroke Capsules, with warm milk, sleep well and call your doctor first thing in the morrow!” Would it not be comforting and popular to get a ‘Putter Prescription’ to suit your tendency? Now that would be a ‘Profit Pathway’! How about 9 one putts per round? Call me ‘The Boss Of The Moss’!

There are face adjusting or correcting Putter Blades or ‘Flat Sticks’. They are functionally beneficial. They work! (see ‘Bulge & Roll’ - proven science and physics)

Just to keep ‘Things Golf’ in perspective, these ‘Terrestrially Intelligent Tools’ have limitations. Give them credit for their ‘Face and Direction Correcting Capabilities’.

Here is a $64,000 question. “Can these Merlin Clubheads Read Greens and environmental conditions so as to dynamically affect ‘Putting & Chipping’?”

If you cannot read the ‘Initial Ball Rolling Line, the Intermediate Target’, ‘Top Of Break’ and ‘Green Characteristics’ (Slope, Grain, Moisture, Wind and Detritus) your ‘Intelligent Tool’ might just change your stroke outcome from being perfectly ‘In The Hole’ to ‘Missing The Cup’.

I think we have all ‘Missed Putts’ that actually went right to ‘The Bottom Of The Jar’? We refer to them as ‘Get Lucky Golf’. Take them any day!

Isn’t all the honest and ethical golf advertising notoriously about ‘Truth & Trust’?

Our ‘Short Game’ is stringently about ‘Pre-Shot Routines’ (PSR).

Knowledge is power and usually happiness!


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