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The conventional baseline global golfing grip is ‘The 10 Finger Brace Hand Low’. This means all fingers are in contact with the golf club handle. (‘Short Thumb’) Out of interest, the ‘Hocky Grip’ is a ‘10 Finger Grip’ but is often split or having a distinct gap between the two hands. The ‘Slap Shot’ is advantaged by the ‘Brace Lever, Bend & Straighten, Split Nature Leverage’.

Worthy of mention and knowing, when ‘The Brace Hand Is Low’, the Brace Shoulder is also respectively low. This elevation differential is somewhat similar to a slight ‘Spinal Aft Tilt’ and thus an ascending ‘Angle Of Attack’ (AOA) through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ … ‘Bottom Half Of The Swing Circle’.

There is a useful variation … ‘The Reverse Overlap’. With the ‘Target Hand Low’ (‘Short Thumb’) , one can slide the ‘Brace Index and Middle Fingers’ down and over the ‘Target Hand Little and Ring Finger’. The primary objective herein is to get close to matching up the ‘Wrist Hinge Axes … balanced Hand, Wrist, Forearm Triangles’. Neutrality matters in ‘Putting’!

The golfing human will, even through curiosity, create many variations, but generally speaking, the fewer the better! The more level and square we can get in our ‘Pre Shot Routine’, the more predictable and safe we become in making a ‘Parallel to the Target and Body Line Stroke’.

This being the case, the more easily we might accomplish our ‘Initial Ball Rolling Line’. (IBRL-IT) As we all know, this ‘Start Line’ (Distance & Direction) is a primary challenge! We must accomplish this feat over and over with ‘Confidence, Comfort & Consistence’.

Once we mentally create our overall ‘Putting Image’, we still have to paint that canvas on ‘The Dance Floor’ and make our share of revered ‘One Putt Magic’!

Keep innovative, imaginative and positive minded!

Always have fun reading greens ever better!


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