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Ambiguities In Golf

Well, I just had to ask you that question! Think ‘Length, Loft, Lie, Grip, Flex & Reflex’.

What do we call ‘Pulling A Longer Golf Club’ out of your bag?
… taking ‘More Club’ or a ‘Stronger Club’

What do you call selecting a ‘Less Lofted Golf Club’ from your bag?
… taking ‘Less Club’

If you think you need a #7 Iron. is taking a #8 Iron ‘Clubbing Up’? It has a higher number!

A ‘More Lofted Clubhead’ will create more or higher ‘Trajectory and Parabola’. Is that “Clubbing Up or Down”?

Think of hitting a ‘#8 Iron Approach Shot’ in Zero Wind. If the wind is then blowing 10 to 15 miles per hour on your nose, you might pull a ‘#7 Iron’. Would you consider that ‘Clubbing Up’ or ‘Clubbing Down’? The ‘Clubhead’ number is getting smaller!

Might sound very rudimentary to an advanced golfer, but for the novice or week-end hacker, it may not be so simple? Isn’t consensus a wonderful situation? Do we have one?

This ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ thinks of the above headwind scenario as ‘Taking One More Club’, even though it actually has a smaller number!

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