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Oh! I can hear you thinking, especially after that last demonic bruiser broke three feet and picked up speed in the process! Does not seem “Straight” to me … or fair! In wrong Quadrant, right?

On the ‘Dance Floor’ we generally do not Draw Hook or Fade Slice. Thus, we do not deliberately create ‘Curvature’ as we regularly do from everywhere else on course. There are times that we need to putt off the toe or heel. You already know all about that procedure!

When golf balls curve on the ‘Putting Surface’, it is due to the condition of the surface and any one of several of Mother Nature’s other forces or influences. (see ‘slope break, grass and wind’)

With the above true, all we have to do is make ‘Dead Straight Putts, Chips and Bump & Runs’.

If we were able to practise and perform on a ‘Billiards Table Dance Floor’, all we would have to do in our ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ would be to ‘Set-Up Straight’ with our ‘Target or Ball Rolling Line’ and apply the necessary amount of ‘12 to 17 Inches By Clubhead Energy’ to the ‘Ballistic Point Of The Bottom Inside Cheek Of The Ball’. We have to get to the hole! Short sucks!

All that would be left

to accomplish would be taking the bough and listening for the applause!

Need to make a very important point here! Your ‘Target Line’ would have to be precisely read! Your toes or heels would have to be ‘Dead Perfect On The Body Line’. Your ‘5 Axes’ (Feet, Knees, Hips, Shoulders and Ears’) would have to also be ‘Perfect’. Your ‘Lever Assemblies or Triangles’, including ‘Grip’ (Hinges and Aim), would have to be ‘Dead Perfect’. If any of the above were flawed, your ‘Initial Ball Rolling Line’ (Start Line) would go astray!

If you were perfectly ‘Set-Up’ and unmanipulated, (don’t guide or make the ball go anywhere) your ‘Probability Of Success’ would be very high! Big smiles and loud claps … golf club popularity going up! Earn, trust and use ‘IT’ … your skill! ‘Positive Mental Energy’ is never out of place! Flood your mind with this gift!


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