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Solving Complexity With Simplicity

Your ‘555 Team’ has sent out pertinent, topical information for decades. This is worth another moment!

We all know what a ‘Putt’ is and can explain it in very useful ‘555 Golf Language’. You know what ‘The 8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre Shot Routine’ (PSR) is. Take a moment to review these two procedures in point form. Very special information in ‘Locker Room Premium Membership’. ( )

‘A Putt is a Putt’ with all its ‘Set-Up Protocols’! The ‘Ball Location’ is very slightly forward, in our ‘Universal Ball Location’. Our front swing is a ‘Descending Angle Of Attack’. We control ‘Inertia by ‘Stroke Length’. (see ‘Delivered Potential Energy’ converted into ‘Kinetic Energy’) We define that as ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ (ALSDR - The Power Train Delivery Sequence) in terms of ‘Inching’. Our ‘Universal 10 Inch Stroke’ propels the ball a shorter distance than our ‘Optimal Stroke Length’ of 19 inches. That accomplishes a Back & Up Swing that limits at ‘5 Inches Back or Aft outside of out Brace Shoe’ and produces about 58 to 62 feet of ball roll, depending on the Green Stimp. More ‘Front Stroke Length Energy’ (Thrust 1/2/3) produces greater ‘Energy Transfer and Distance’.

‘A Chip is a Putt With A Hop’! We utilize a slightly more ‘Aft Ball Location’ than with our ‘Universal Ball Location’ … perhaps one or two ball widths. Our front swing is still a ‘Descending Angle Of Attack’. How do we accomplish ‘The Hop’? Critically, not by creating any ‘Lever Assembly Lifting Moment’, but by the mechanical effect of ‘Loft’ as provided by the ‘Selected Golf Club’. ‘A Chip is a Putt With A Hop’!

We know where the ‘Optimal Stroke Length’ is located. At this ‘Stroke Length’ we still accomplish ‘A Chip With A Hop’ and a controlled length. Mother Nature controls the ‘Environmental Variables’.

What is the next ‘Natural Progression’ or increased distance and ‘Loft’? Here they are! Bump & Run, Knock Down, Punch, Pitch, Full Swing and Driver. The ‘Growing or Progressive Distance’ is primarily a matter of ‘Increased Back & Up Stroke Pivot Load Coil’. (see ‘ALSDR’)(The Balsa Airplane Concept’)

An amazing physical truth? All the ‘Progressive Strokes’ are just ‘Putts’ of varying lengths and golf club selections! You will recall a note-worthy statement by your ‘555 Team’? “There Is Putt In Every Drive!” or “I Drive As I Putt!” It is remarkably true. If you can ‘Putt’ you can also Chip’. Try it for yourself!

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