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This makes perfect and practical sense to all of us golfers! The outcome of this fatal ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’ error is to waste a lot of time and money and not improve! ‘Doing The Same Old Same Old and Getting The Same Old Same Old!’ “Mr. Teacher, I still struggle to break 100 and am not having very much fun!” If your ‘Frustration Quotient’ gets chronic, you will quite golf!

A little practical advice? Start simple, small and slow. Work up from there ‘Progressively’! This is why we call one of our most powerful programmes ‘The 555 Progressive System’! You already know the swing stages, steps and procedures! Just in case you do not recall them sharply, here they are again! ‘Putting, Chipping, Bump & Run, Knock Down, Punch, Pitch, Full Swing and Driver’.

The magical foundation herein is that ‘There Is A Putt In Every Drive!” When you know ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim at the Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attach’) you will earn a simplistic truth … ‘The First 8 to 12 Inches Of My Drive Is The Same Of The First 8 to 12 Inches Of My Putt!” (‘I Drive As I Putt!’) If you do not get this, stay with ‘IT’ until you do!

What does your ‘555 Team’ mean by ‘Progressive’? Start by understanding ‘The Basics’ with ‘NO GOLF CLUB and NO GOLF BALL and a HALF SWING’ at the most. If you are active-minded, you will have come to the early conclusion that you focus on ‘Putting, then graduate to Chipping and then move up to Bump & Run’ … no bigger until you’ve got ‘IT’.

Our ‘555 Golf Short Game Resources’ are superb. Spend some time getting to know them!

We are here with ‘Live Support 24/7’ … 40+ years of team experience!

Use us!

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