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Do you know what the everyday ‘Mechanical Socket Set’ is … a tidy tin box containing a ratchet handle, length or reach extenders and the actual series of sockets? The ‘Ratchet Handle’ has a Left Right Button that enables our applying torque or turning pressure one way or the other … tightening or loosening!

Carrying this to our golf application, the ‘Ratchet’ is the ‘Lower Body Machine’. (The Spinal Core or Engine) The ‘Length Extenders’ are our ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Wrists, Arms and golf shafts). The ‘Sockets’ are our ‘Clubheads’ that vary in ‘Loft & Lie’. As you can see, the Clubheads, Shafts and Grips are the ‘Socket Set’ without the ‘Ratchet Handle’.

If there is need of changing the ‘Socket’ from 3/8” to 1/2” (to turn a different nut), pop off the one and exchange for the other!

If you have need of a different ‘Golf Club’, take current one out of your ‘Swing or Target Hand’, go to your bag and exchange it for the appropriate tool … ‘The Switch’!

In golf we can actually modify both the ‘Golf Club’ and how we actually hold or ‘Grip’ it.

One should always (generally) hold the ‘Golf Club’ in a ‘Neutral Grip’ (not ‘Bent, Flat or Bowed, not Turned Vertical or Rolled, not Cocked, Level or Un-Cocked). Use a human grip that is not torqued or ‘Pre-Loaded in any manner. (see ‘Hooded’) If you want and need more of less ‘Loft & Lie’, pull a different stick out of your bag! Then hit the one ‘Universal Strike’ that you know so well! Enjoy your learned and perfected impact skill!

If you so desire, you can hold a ‘Neutral Grip’ and alter the ‘Clubhead and Clubface’ (open or close - stronger or weaker). Alternatively, you can change you ‘Grip’ and utilize that ‘Neutral Clubface Aim’. These methods directly affect your ‘Moment Of Separation’ … ‘Delivery & Release’. (see ‘ALSDR’ - The Power Line Delivery Sequence’)

Simplest is best!


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