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No this is not about a P&J sandwich!

This is about ‘Skulling Your Wedge’ … striking the golf ball’s equator with your ‘Leading Edge’ and rocketing the ball across the green at ankle to knee height is never a good reality! We all fear the words “You are still away!” Being close (in the fringe or first cut) and ending up 30 yards past the green really sucks! Bunkers on the far side of the green are popular destinations!

When you are on ‘Hard Pan’ (dirt and no grass), ‘Bounce’ is not your friend! This situation invites hitting behind and bouncing into the ball … a dose of the ‘Skippies’!

Sand Wedges are generally designed with 12 to 15 degrees of ‘Bounce’. This means the soles trailing edge is 12 to 15 degrees below the ‘Leading Edge’. If you own a speedboat, you may have a ‘Trim Tab’ on the stern that, through pitch and down force adjustment, enables increasing or decreasing the ‘Bow’s Angle Of Attack’.

With a ‘Bare Lie’ (no grass or cushion) select a golf clubhead that has little or no bounce and adequate ‘Loft’ to get the ball quickly airborne. These might include your #PW (48 degrees of ‘Loft’), #AW (52), #LW (60) or #XW (64). Quality equipment generally has the ‘Loft & Lie’ specifications stamped into the lower hozel or inboard sole.

Regardless, ‘See The Ball Acutely’ (red dot) and ‘Pinch’ it off the grass … no ‘Lifting Moment’! You shall beneficially feel a little “Thump Through Impact & Separation”!

Solving the ‘Skippies’ is a relatively easy fix!


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