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In general, the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM), our ‘Spinal Pivot Engine’, load-coils in the Back & Up Swing. This ‘Accumulation Of Potential Energy’ occurs ‘From The Top Down and From the Outside-In’. (see ‘The Balsa Airplane Concept’) The ‘Down & Out Swing’ is opposite. This occurs via the reverse component sequence … ‘From The Ground Up and From The Inside-Out’. You have heard the term ‘Hips Leading and Hands Lagging’. This is critical sequencing!

Taking the lead from our ‘Brace Middle Finger, First Digit Pad’ (This pad gently pressures and sweeps the ‘Putter Head and Sole’ away from the golf ball in the ‘Back Swing’) This is true for the Putter all the way through your bag to the Driver. The first 8 to 12 inches of both ‘Take-Aways’ are very similar! I can see the raised eyebrows! This is scientifically true!

Your ‘Brace Shoulder Turn’ is a critical element of a successful golf back swing (Full or Less Than Full). This simple ‘Shoulder Turn’ (one of the ‘Primary Articulating Joints - PAJ’) can be thought about as making a swing “Back & Up”. One swing thought at a time is a great plan. Brain information overload is a deadly golf disease for which there is no global vaccine! I personally think of ‘Sweep, Turn & Lift’ as my ‘Trigger’ with our little “&” Timing Word at the Top Of Back Swing (TOB) or Swing Sequence #5!

Golf is a rotational game. You build up speed by rotationally, unwinding your body speedily toward the target while remaining in control and in balance. Too much side to side or ‘Lateral Movement’ (Sway & Slide) is disastrous to your swing. A complete, snug shoulder turn during your back and up-swing will ‘ALSDR’ … Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ ‘Potential Energy into its Kinetic and useful form! A bad shoulder turn leads to a weak, arms over legs hit at the ball with disappointing results. Watch professional golfers on TV. Variety is reality, but you will not find players without a good shoulder turn. This ‘Rotational Load Coil’ is a prerequisite or keystone to making ‘Impact & Separation’ … playing good golf. (see: a ‘Steady Head’ is our primary imperative) If our ‘Tether Ball Pole’ is wobbly, our ‘Ball Flight’ shall also be a challenge!

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