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Break the Human Body into just two distinct ‘Big Segments’ so we can avoid drowning in mind-numbing minutia! We must ‘Solve Complexity With Simplicity’! What if we undertake this ‘Golf Swing Process’ by ‘Working Smart’? Here are your ‘Two Big Segments’! 1) ‘The Lower Body Machine or Core’. (LBM including Soles of feet to top of head) and 2) ‘The Upper Body Machine’ or ‘Lever Assemblies’ (UBM include Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists and Hands plus the actual golf club, which is a ‘Lever’ that fundamentally operates from the Shoulder Socket Axis or Fulcrum to the Bottom Of Swing Arc or BOSA).

Let’s start by ‘Zeroing Out’ one of the ‘Two Big Segments’. “Poof” … the UBM is gone for now! We have just ‘DucTaped’ the ‘Lever Assemblies’ to our Chest and Abdomen … Brace Palm on the Chest … Target Palm over and resting on the Brace Biceps. Tidy picture? Stand up and feel it! Let us examine the ‘LBM or Core’ in a little more understandable detail? We now have the ‘Golf Body Machine’ morphing into some reality! From this ‘Arms Across The Chest’ condition, we can ‘Load & Unload the LBM’. A teacher must paint clear pictures!

The ‘Total Machine Accumulates, Loads & Coils Potential Energy From The Top Down and From The Outside-In.’ (see ‘ALSDR - Accumulate, Load, Store, [Back & Up Swing] Deliver & Release [Front & Down Swing’) What is the ‘Load Motion’ … Brace Shoulder moving, coiling rotationally ‘Back & Up To The Top Of Back Swing’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #5’ - BRACE POSTING … body mass balanced atop of your Brace Femur with Ocular Acuity fully functional) When we arrive at this ‘Sequence’, we say the ‘Magic Little Transition “&” Word. That helps develop our ‘Timing and Rhythm’ … helps us avoid “Quickness”! We describe this rather compound activity as ‘Turn & Lift’. Just think of ‘What and How’ the Brace Shoulder actually does its chores. Hope that makes sense and meets with your approval?

Now, at TOB, we rather naturally ‘Transition’ … ‘Change Directions’ … that is all the term means! Without but a minimum or ‘Physiology Minutia’ for now, our ‘LBM got snug or tight in its ‘Back & Up Load-Coiling’. If we simply ‘Release that Snugness’ in the form of a ‘Big Muscle Bump’, we accomplish this ‘Transition or Direction Change’ with relative ease. Just ‘Let IT Go’! We now, while adding some ‘Muscular Thrust’, ‘Un-Load and Un-Coil’ ‘From The Ground Up and From The Inside-Out’. Standing up, you can Picture & Feel your ‘Machine Pressures’. In slow motion. It is ‘Time For a Feel’ - ‘Flow Discipline’.

With your ‘Lever Assemblies’ still ‘Zeroed Out’, keep thrust turning through ‘The Impact & Separation Zone’ (SS #8-#9 Chase Follow & Finish) to the ‘Top Of Front Swing’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #10 - TARGET POSTING - Weight or Mass balanced atop of the Target Femur) What is next? Take the ‘DucTape’ off. Now you shall logically and instantly look and perform like a ‘Total Golf Machine’ … ‘Lever Assembly Freedom’ including the ‘Golf Club Lever’. You know what that is!

Let’s ‘Keep It Stupid Simple’!

Load Coil, Back & Up to TOB SS#5 as we accomplished above. When there, fully extend your Target Lever with your ‘Target Index Finger and Clubhead pointing up to the sky off your ‘Brace Side’.

Next, neutrally and naturally join your Brace Hand on the handle with your Target Hand. If you can take a picture of this TOB, SS#5 accomplishment, it would look very much like a perfect ‘TOB’ with your ‘Total Machine’ being fully involved! Pretty magical?

Now, simply relax and ‘Drop Your Lever Assemblies’ ‘Gravitationally To The Ground just outside of your ‘Brace Shoe’. Apply some ‘Brace Leg LBM Drive Thrust’ through that ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ (Impact, Delivery & Release - What your 555 Team logically refers to as ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’. The “Finish” means we have reached the ‘Top Of Front Swing’ (Target Post or SS #10) Might we suggest 555 Store Tab … ‘The 11 Swing Sequences’. Wonderful studio-quality pictures making these messages very clear! Your ‘555 Golf Website’ has over 1250 ‘Proven Professional Pages’ written just for YOU. Pay us a visit!

We actually have a ‘Swing Sequence #11’ called our ‘Bounce Back’. Including this position causes our ‘Lever Assemblies to reflex back in front of our Chest LBM pointing directly at the ‘Far Target’. Allow this to prove that your ‘Clubhead Path’ was as prescribed … Down The Target Line’. Thus, with a solidly and properly applied GRIP, our Ball Flight will find its ‘Pre-Selected Target’. These words are making sense, right? (24/7 Live Support if you need help!)

How simple is this ‘555 Progressive Swing Method’ whereby we evolve from the very useful ‘Impact Fix’ through ‘Impact & Separation’ to an ‘Energy Spent State’ or our totally-finished golf swing … Zero Energy to Zero Energy … Take-Away to Front Swing Spent?

Hope this is worthy of your reading it twice?

Congratulations on driving your own bus!

It is your parade!


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