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This is a regular question from our ‘Global Followers’ but it is easier to respond freshly than to guide you to our expansive ‘Archive’. You know that there are over ‘1250 Proven Professional Pages’ in the ‘Locker Room Premium Membership’ area. It is a wonderful resource written for you over the years!

In simplicity, take hold of your golf club handle in your ‘Target Hand’ (The Swing Hand) leaving at least half to a full inch of grip sticking out behind your ‘Heel Pad’. It is a very common problem that golfers grip ‘Too Long’. (no grip sticking out) This causes the ‘Helper Fingers’ (middle, ring and little) to under-perform. A perfect grip is truly useful!

Does your Target Hand Glove have a black wear mark on the ‘Heel Pad’ or, worse still a hole worn in it? Living proof or evidence of there being a problem! “Oh well, it is just another $15.00 plus tax!”

With the above ‘Target Grip’ in comfortable place, squeeze to a ‘555 Golf’ #5 … about a mid pressure. If your Target Middle and Ring Finger-Nails stick into your ‘Target Thumb Drumstick’, your Grip is too small! Believe it or not, this finger-nail pressure will cause a subconscious, premature ‘Grip Release’. (see ‘Regripping’) You want a small squeezing gap between nails and drumstick!

Select a ‘Mid or Over Size’ model. If this is not available, have your golf tech add enough ‘Tape Wraps’ to correct the deficiency! I wear a ‘Medium Glove’ and use ‘Tour Velvet Oversize Grips’. If you have a buddy who uses ‘Oversize Grips’, borrow it for half an hour at the driving range to test its improved stability!

Time and money well spent!

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