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As you already know we have a free ‘Glossary Of Terms and of No No Terms’ (almost 80 pages of carefully created dictionary) on the ‘Home Page’ of our terrific resource website. Pay it a visit.

Where did the stimulation to accomplish this substantial literary feat come from? In the medical and complex flight realm, we have a lot of terms to embrace in order to be professional and efficient. Our language must be succinct and clear! Go look and enjoy!

Your ‘555 Team’ uses a lot of ‘Acronyms’ but we always present these with the ‘Long Form’ in accompaniment! We have a very big global family who is not afraid to speak their minds. When we just used the acronym, we got complaints. We had used the ‘Long Form’ many times in our writings, but that does not mean YOU have seen and remember! Please allow me to give you a very important example herein. (see ‘The Tab Bar’ - Glossary Of Terms’)

‘BOSA’ stands for ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’. (Short & Long Form included)

What the heck does this mean? We teach that the ‘Take-Away and Back & Up Swing’ is a Quiet Triangular Sweep The Grass Motion’. That is a ‘Dress Rehearsal to the ‘Front or Down & Out Swing’. Getting the ‘Take-Away’ right is a fundamental ingredient for ‘Impact, Deliver & Release’ success! If we can always brush the grass in both directions. We can be ‘Confident, Comfortable & Consistent’, ‘Impact’ shall just happen naturally. We can both do this! Develop a little ‘Cocky Trust’!

Think about this please? Where in ‘3 Dimensional Space’ do we tee-up the Driver ball so we can create a certain ‘Collision’ and avoid an unwanted wreck? Note that we want to accomplish an ‘Ascending Blow’ and ‘Parabolic Ball Flight Shape’ with our driver! The higher you tee the ball the more forward it must be to just ‘Get In The Way Of The Speeding Sweet Spot’. If you happen to place your Driver Ball on the grass (no tee), you will have to place the ‘Ball’ in the same ‘Location’ as your #5 Iron ‘Set-Up’.

We must strive for ‘Consistency’. The ‘Kingpin’ of this article and skill-set is ‘BOSA’. We must hit this ‘Swing Gate, Dead On The Screws’. If we can do this, we can tinker to figure out the ‘Tee Height and Lateral Location’. Do your homework and you may soon be able to hit the ball straight as hard as you can muster! Fabulous feeling and accomplishment!


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