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an abused falsehood

‘Clubhead Lag’ is about specific ‘Wrist Actions’, right?

The ‘Wrist Hinge’ functions on three axes ... 1) Vertical Action about a ‘Horizontal Hinge’ (Cock, Level & Un-Cocked), 2) Horizontal Action about a ‘Vertical Hinge’ (Bend, Flat & Bowed) and 3) Rotational Action about or around a ‘Forearm Longitudinal Axis’ (Turn, Vertical & Roll - Radius & Ulna) Nine very different and complimentary conditions and positions! No more!

The term ‘Clubhead Lag’ has been both worn out and abused. People who present as being ‘In The Know and Golf Woke’ are over-stated and even fraudulent in their behaviour. “The More Lag You Can Produce the better and farther your golf ball is going to travel!” That is such industry dramatic ‘Bovine Scata’ it is not humorous or of any merit!

The global audience heard about Sergio Garcia’s enormous and useful ‘Lag’. That is just a ‘Body On Fraud’. When his so-called ‘Lag’ is maximized, it is really NOT Lag but being ‘Laid Off or Shallowed Out’. These conditions are very different indeed!

As Sergio gets ‘Laid Off or Shallowed Out’ his ‘Lag’ appears to be enormous as the view gets ‘Flatter’.

The revealing position we golfers should take is viewing Sergio’s ‘Back & Up and Down & Out Swings’ from a ‘Down The Line Perspective or View’.

One will very quickly discern ‘Laid-Off and Shallowed-Out’.

Is Sergio getting more ‘Distance and Control’ through his fictitious ‘Lag’?

No evidence of this alleged improvement!


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