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I read recently in a medical journal that 80% of golfers suffer from ‘Soft Tissue and Boney Aspect’ injury to varying degrees. (see ‘STI’ … Soft Tissue Injury) That is 4 out of 5 golfers! Epidemic and worthy of very serious consideration? The industry and societal response must be a resounding “YES!”

Without a lot of medical details, let your ‘555 Team’ express a carefully considered position in this matter of importance. No local or national social body can sustain losses (attrition) or negative outcomes in excess of 80% and survive! With tongue-in-cheek. (just a little) what would be the result of 80% of car drivers having accidents? “Playing through the pain of golf” is nonsensical!

Question for you. Have you ever been injured or uncomfortable due to ‘GOLF’? Think cause and effect?

If 4 out of 5 is true, why would even one of those willingly accept discomfort and pain, especially when those stats are relatively easily improved? Confession? I warm-up and hit balls to ‘Feel Better’! One more question. Do you wear out your ‘Golf Glove’ at the ‘Heel Pad’? Problem indicator!

It is important to recognize that most discomfort and ‘STI’ is the result of long-term sustained ‘Muscular Shock & Over Extension’ … fighting ‘Range Of Motion’. (ROM) Want a known example? Tiger Woods!

How many golfers do not ‘Warm-Up Properly’? How many never stretch out ‘Post Round’?

Whether you are ‘Target or Brace Side Dominant’, ‘Primary Articulating Joint Injury’ will reach into your personal realm and wreak havoc! Your ‘Lever Assemblies Mass’ (UBM) tends to work against your ‘Lower Body Machine Structure’. (LBM) Golf causes us to ‘Swing Arms Over Legs’ in a general trend!

Think about ‘RPM’ as in a bicycle wheel. The valve stem rotates at the same velocity as the hub! The Round & Round of the LBM combined with the ‘Up & Down of the UBM is surprisingly similar. We are well-served in envisioning our hands orbiting somewhat at the same velocity as our belt buckle or belly button through the ‘Bottom Half Of The Swing Circle’! Reduce shock and machine stress if you can!

I have often heard conversation about “Snapping Your Hips Towards The Target In The Front Swing.” This ‘Golf Induced Human Collision’ is ruthless and takes no prisoners! There is no room for masochism in this great sport? Don’t tolerate it!

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