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unathletic advice
Glossary of No No Terms

What considerable, offensive athletic skill demands or is benefitted by ‘Keeping Your Head Down’? There is a difference when considering ‘Defensive Posture’ such as in boxing when you have to cover a ‘Glass Chin’! Golf is more gentlemanly?

With your ‘Head and Neck Down’ your ‘Spinal Engine’ is seriously, rotationally compromised! (see ‘Kyphosis’) Accomplishing a ‘Stable Repeatable Orbital Swing Plane’ and ‘Delivery Path’ with your head down and unsteady is worse than difficult! In golf, ‘A Measured Distance’ is important! (see ‘BOSA & Ball Location’ and ‘Lever Extension’) If your head moves, that is like a gremlin moving your ‘Ball Location’. You would object?

In our decades of ‘Golf Teaching’, it has been made very clear that this ‘Term’ is forbidden. It is that dangerous and counterproductive.

Our new hire instructors are clearly advised of our ‘Curriculum Position’.

Protocols were ‘One Written Warning’ and then termination!

Over a great deal of time, decades, we are no less stringent in our position as our global family knows. We are not timid in our science-based opinions!

How can you exercise ‘Ocular Acuity’ with your ‘Chin Deeply Down’?

Is golf an ‘Eye Hand Coordination Activity’? Do you know that bifocals are very ‘Golf Counterproductive’?

‘Work Smart’!


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