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It is what it is called … ‘A Rapid Fire Drill’. Its purpose is to create five (5) full or fairly full strikes without any delay in between each one. (see ‘Tick Tocks’) We must also get into an organized (Pre-Shot Routine - PSR) and keep this very consistent through the five-ball sequence.

It is very useful to ‘Tee-Up’ these five (5) balls about 3/8 to 1/2 an inch so your focus is primarily on ‘Making Impact’ and not a perfect strike. Your ‘Ocular Acuity’ (seeing the ball well) is a critical component! This is a ‘Daylight Exercise’ for a reason! Also, exercise DDDB as this is athletic! ‘Deep Deliberate Diaphragmatic Breathing’ is not an option! Do you remember that a little ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’ is useful? Our ‘Full-Swing is a ‘Push Basic Stroke’!

We also do not stop swinging and hitting during the sequence. We must learn where to step into the ball with our ‘Target Foot’ … Tallish Chin and Chest. (see ‘Ball Location & Posture’) As you know, this ‘Foot establishes the ‘Target Shoulder Pivot Point’ as well as the ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA). We deliver the strike (blow) with the ‘Bend & Straighten Brace Lever’. You can hit the ball fairly hard! It is not just a little ‘Bump & Run, Pitch’.

This is a ‘Mental Exercise’. It forces us to keep ‘In Motion’ and to avoid thinking about too many details or ‘Swing Thoughts’. If we are fluttering around like a Monarch Butterfly, we shall unavoidably miss some simple core aspects or to think of useless rather than ‘Key Thoughts’.

If your dominant thought is “Where Is My Ball Going?” you will likely be a “Peeker” being plagued by a bad case of the ‘Fat Thins’, ‘Heels & Toes’. It’s going down your ‘Shoulder Axis’.

Your ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) will enable a solid, repetitive performance by your ‘Components & Procedures’. Trust The 555 Golf System!

During these repetitions you shall be able to easily make small adjustments! You are in control!

Have FUN!


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