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Can you take your ‘Practice Game’ out there?

This really simplistic challenge or task takes disciplined planning and the proper mind-set!

Golf shots are just ‘Distance & Direction’ … “ALL” … plus a few ‘Mother Nature’ conditions.

We need to know our performance parameters. Do you actually have a ‘Current CAD Sheet’? (Calibrated Average Distance) Having a current ‘Short Game Body Clocking Grid Sheet’ is a special achievement that will make you shine … if you actually create one! If you do not commit, the notion will soon be just ‘Yesterday’s Newspaper’ and more of the ‘Same Old’!

To take charge of and master these activities, one must have an electronic device capable of determining ‘Carry Distance’ … Ball Flight Analyzer and Laser Range Finder. We need reliable data so we can self-evaluate and not just guess … ‘Play Get Lucky Golf’!

The above activities enable our simulating and visualization during both ‘Practice and Play’. We need to qualify and quantify! Each shot is a blank canvas on which we shall paint a picture!

Did the ball ‘Curve Right or Left’? Did it fly ‘High or Low? Was it ‘Upwind or Downwind’?

Practice and Course Management are good recipe ingredients!

An admission? This ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ really likes hitting quality balls in a strong cross-wind! Observe and work out a tangible method by which you can ‘Hold The Line’ you define and select. Remember you have two very different methods at your disposal. You can ‘Curve The Ball Into The Wind’ or you can ‘Feed The Wind’. If you have a strong ‘Left To Right’, you can ‘Align Left’ a specific amount and then allow the wind to bring it back to you!

Make Practice FUN!

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