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Let’s examine an obvious baseline? Our ‘Topical Procedure’ is ‘The Full Swing’. Individually, there is but one ‘Full Swing’ … Bottom, Top, Bottom and Top. As you know, we, the ‘555 Team’ refer to these positions as ‘Swing Sequences’ … SS #1 (Take-Away), SS #5 (Top Of Back Swing - TOB), SS #7 is the ‘Pre-Impact Position, SS #8 (Impact & Separation) and SS #10 (Top Of Front Swing - TOF)

So, how do we actually take possession of this “Bargain”?

Make your predictable and perfected ‘Full Swing’!

Now, pull any golf club tool out of your ‘Tool Box - Bag’ (sans Putter), accomplish your ‘Set-Up and Pre Shot Routine’ (PSR) and courageously make your strike through the ball!

Excluding your ‘Putter’, you can make a ‘Full Swing’ using 13 other clubs during play. During practice, you can use as many clubs as you like.

Here is the gift that keeps giving!

Learn what a ‘Full Swing’ accomplishes (Distance and Trajectory) with all your ‘Full Swing Clubs’. Record these outcomes. (see ‘Short Game Grid Sheet’) Laser the shot in front of you. Then, fully prepared, ‘Just Do It!’ logically.

What if you add ‘The 555 Body Clocking Method’? (Thigh, Hip, Lower Rib Cage, Arm Pit and Brace Shoulder Socket’) Multiplying your potential shot numbers by 5 is an amazing simplicity!

That’s a bargain from any golfer’s perspective!

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