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We are all wonderfully different individuals and more power to us … each one of us! How do we wind up to throw an over or underhanded baseball? Out of the ground! How long have you got?

Your ‘555 Team’ is dedicated to a science-based golf performance … mental and physical! Newton and his fellow travelers, after centuries, maintain governance! The apple still falls down from the tree! That baseball pitcher, fielder or thrower naturally ‘Winds up and Throws or Releases’ the ball from strong legs and a vibrant core! Lever functions and strength matters too!

A question for you if you do not mind? Does the Body Wind Up The ‘Hands, Wrists and Arms’ or the opposite process? Arguably each can be debated. We humans need a balanced approach to glean optimal knowledge and functional success. Real-life works that way!

Here is the functional tendency! It is effectively explained by our ‘Balsa Airplane Concept’. You wind up or load the ‘Big Core Rubber Band’ (attached to the tail and to the propeller shaft or hub) by turning the ‘Tip Of The Propeller’ and not by turning the fuselage!

Our ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’ (ALSDR – Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release) takes place from that ‘Propeller Tip’ through the hub to the resistive or anchor tail.

Golfers also have a ‘Big Body or Core Soft and Hard Tissue Rubber Band’ (Bone, Cartilage, Tendons, Ligaments and Muscle) Our Finger-Tips are the ‘Tip Of Our Lever Assembly Propellers’. We WINDE all that up (ALSDR) by moving the ‘Brace Hand Back & Up’ around a stable Spinal Core’ … commonly with a Range Of Motion that exceeds 90 degrees. This process takes place from the ‘Outside-In’ (Finger-Tips through the Shoulder Sockets to the Core) and ‘From The Top Down’ (Finger Tips and Head down to our feet).

Logically, we then ‘UN-WIND, Deliver & Release’ ‘From The Inside-Out’ (Core to finger-Tips) and ‘From The Ground Up’ (Feet to the Top of our Heads).

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