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The great Gary Player typically, by necessity, ‘Walked Through His Shots’. This action or discipline protected his ‘Lumbar Spine’ and love of the sport.

Mr. Player’s ‘Walking Through’ more naturally accomplished his ‘Transition’ or, as called by some, ‘Weight Shift’ and ‘Rotational Power Creation’.

If you want to ‘Walk Through an Interior Hallway Door’, or to ‘Throw A Hard Boxing Gut Punch’, you had better ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver and Release’ – ALSDR)(see ‘The Power Line Delivery System’)

Here is a workable ‘Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’ for you!

Identify your ‘Normal Ball Location’ for a ‘Mid Iron Shot’. It will generally be in the ‘Universal or Putting Ball Location’. Practise your ‘Impact Fix Position’. Hit a few balls ‘Teed Up’.

Next, without changing much in your ‘Set-Up Configuration’, still using a Mid Iron (#5 will suffice), move your golf ‘Ball Location’ forward about 8 Inches. Tee it up so as to make it ‘Tallish and Ascending’. See The Ball Acutely! Make you normal Back & Up Swing. Say your “& Timing Word’. Transition Gravitationally … Lever Assemblies Dropping directly towards the outside Brace Heel, while substantially ‘Walking Through The Shot’. ‘Walk Down The Line’ with good ‘Lever Extension’ … Space Between Your Hands and Sternal Center’.

If you miss it a little, reload and do it again. Remember, the goal is to feel the success and efficiency of ‘Brace Leg Drive’ and ‘Pivot Pressure’. Your body should NOT be stuck in place but ‘Moving Fluidly Under Control’!

‘Ocular Acuity’ is very important!

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