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Do you remember our ‘Swapping Pockets Bullet-Proof Drill’? It’s a worthy consideration!

When you are at ‘Impact Fix’ (Address Ready), your back pants pockets are relatively ‘Parallel’ to your ‘Body and Target Lines’. You could refer to this as ‘Neutral and Unloaded’.

When you ‘Load Coil, (Wind Up your big Body Rubber Band) to your ‘Brace Side’ (see ‘The Power Line Delivery Sequence’ – Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release) Your ‘Brace Rear Pocket’ rotates spinally to the ‘Brace Side, Back & Slightly Up’. Very simple process!

At your Top Of Back Swing (TOB) your Brace Pocket will be at its ‘Fitness Coil Limit’ … perhaps about 45 degrees to the Body Line. (see ‘Alignment’) You accomplish your ‘Transition’ (Bump & Direction Change) thus moving into the Front Swing or ‘Off Loading Phase’. (ALSDR – This is the DR aspect)

In this very simple DR process, you ‘Swap Pockets’. Your Target Back Pocket moves aft and around (On Plane – With Adequate Knee Flex) enabling the Target pocket to replace the Brace pocket. Hence the ‘Swapping Pocket Drill was born to you direct benefit!

May I make a potent point?

Your Brace and Target Shoulders perform in the very same, very similar ‘Swapping’ manner, but to a greater ‘Range Of Motion’ … generally about 90 degrees! Think and feel ‘ALSDR’! At ‘TOB’ your Target Shoulder is under your Tallish Chin. At ‘TOF’, Target is replaced by Brace!

Understand and apply this very useful, logical ‘Mechanical Action and Feeling’.

Quiet, stable ‘Hand, Wrist, Forearm Triangles’ with your ‘Captain Eyes’ focused on the ‘BIC’ … ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ or ‘Ballistic Point’ of the ball. Look acutely at what you want to hit! That is how ‘Eye Hand Coordination works!’

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