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Think about how you control ’Distance From The Fairway In An Approach Shot’? Bigger swings accomplish greater distances. Write notes so you can diarize or compile performance!

The answer was pretty logical and simple! ‘The 555 Golf Body Clocking Method’ works. The biggest release and carry will come from a ‘Full Swing’ using any golfclub! The greater the ‘Back & Up Swing’, the more ‘Energy’ you shall ‘Store & Release’. (see ‘Potential and Kinetic Energy’)(see ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release - ALSDR’)

The following is taken directly from my ‘Short Game Grid Sheet’ … from my ‘Performance Play Book’. Here are my proficient #PW numbers … 1) Thigh Clock (18 Feet), 2) Hip Body Clock (38 Yards), 3) Lower Rib Cage Clock (61 Yards), 4) Arm Pit Clock (55 to 70 Yards) and 5) Brace Shoulder or Full Swing (110 to 130 Yards). These numbers are the ‘Carry Distances’ I expect to achieve when I am current and proficient with a ‘Smooth Swing’.

The bigger the ‘Back & Up Swing’ the bigger the ‘Down & Out & Up Front Swing’. Three (3) Force Levels are ‘Soft, Smooth and Firm’. Logical? (see ‘Brace Toe Pressure and Leg Drive’)

Here is a variation to the presented simple theme! You can ‘Decelerate your Bunker Chase Follow & Finish’ swing as an alternative to the ‘Body Clocking Method’. Make every swing a ‘Full Swing’ and turn off the ‘Throttle’ a little earlier to accomplish ‘Less Carry Distance’. A bit guessy feely? I want about ‘5 Foot Circle Approach Predictability’! Can putt from there!

I can forthrightly tell you that this ‘Deliberate Decel Method’ does not ‘Turn My Crank’! It is boldly different than all my other ‘Distance Control Procedures’ and techniques. One method for this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ is enough! Control the Back Swing Load and then deliver it ‘Brace Foot Pivot’ fully, while breathing out! (see ‘DDB’)

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