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This topic never gets old, but, perhaps a little bit worn-out?

To make more ‘C/H Speed’ you need to get more ‘Fit’. Make sure you consult with your ‘Primary Care Physician’ or ‘Personal Fitness Trainer’ before you undertake any athletic heroics! Soft Tissue Injuries (STI) can be career changers or open the doors to compounding problems!

Clubhead Speed squarely applied is the only way by which one might achieve greater ‘Distance’ … unless you have the ability to order a boisterous ‘Tail Wind’!

Here are a couple ‘Pre Shot Routine Set-Ups’ that will help.

  1. Close your ‘Alignment’ slightly. That will increase the ‘Down & Out Acceleration Distance’ from the Ball to your Brace Shoulder and Brace Hip’. More Swing Distance enables more ‘Sweet Spot Velocity’ and ‘Potential Energy’.
  2. In conjunction’ with this small ‘Alignment Change’, make sure that you ‘Flare Your Target Foot’ more so as to open the ‘Core Swing or Pivot Gate’. We have a ‘555 Team’ saying that we must ‘Steer So We Can Clear’! Clearing is the ability to move the Target Hips Aft or Back Away From The Target or Body Lines’. Although it might feel peculiar or unusual, you will need 45 to 60 degrees of ‘Flare’ and adequate knee flex.

Pay attention to these details!

‘Lateral Movement’ (Sway & Slide) are counterproductive to ‘Rotational Velocity’, ‘Timing’ and ‘Clubhead Control’.

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