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When you work on ‘Golf Drills’ you are best served by ‘Quantifying’ the physical layout. Read the greens and determine the ‘Big Math Picture’. Gather enough data that your ‘Bullet-Proof Drill’ makes optimal sense … so you get the most out of the exercise!

This is a great ‘Putting Drill’ that is more about ‘Distance’ than ‘Direction’. Slope will factor. Try to set-up on a relatively level part of a big practice green. Here is how this works! Lay a ‘Ground Stick’ 36 inches past the cup and a piece of string 18 inches in front of the flagstick. Your ‘Target or Performance Zone’ is thus 54 inches total depth.

Place tees in the putting surface every three feet starting at 12 feet and working away from the hole out to 60 feet … pretty long putt! Do your ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ (PSR) every position. From 18 feet, if you come up short of the cup, you get ‘Zero Points’. If you hop over the ‘Ground Stick’ you get ‘Zero’. This is your ‘Safety or Scoring Zone’. You get two golf balls from each 3 Foot increment.

Even though ‘Short Never Goes In’, once you get outside of 18 feet, you get ‘1 Point’ if you are within the total 18+36 Safety Zone’. Within these parameters you will not 3 Putt!

As ‘Distance or Energy Control’ is such a key element in ‘Putting and Chipping’, make sure you factor this aspect into your ‘Process’. Your ‘Uniform Stance Width’ is a key ‘PSR’. Determine the Green Speed or Pace. Use your ‘Inching Rule’ for every stroke! Don’t just hit balls. Think about the ‘Process’ and execute it as precisely as you can!

Don’t “Pop” (Wrist Flick) golf balls. ‘Stable Hand, Wrist, Forearm Triangles’ are very important! The optimal method is to ‘Smoothly Stroke’ each ball and allow it to ‘Release and Roll End Over End Into The Cup’!

Always use your ‘Captain Eyes for precision and your “&” word for tempo and timing!

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